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CLASSIC Inca Trail SOLD OUT for 2017, book the SHORT 2-DAY TREK

At this point you must have noted that the Classic Inca Trail is one of the Most Famous Tours in the World and therefore the spaces (500 a day) sell out really quickly. Well, the thing is the number of available spaces sell out or have just sold out even on the same day the government’s reservation system is/has opened! By the way, the opening of reservations for the 2017 season (from March 2017 to January 2018) officially started its activities just on December 19, 2016 and for the 2018 season (from next March to January) is going to start in October 2017!

Inca Trail Sold Out for the High Season!

The Inca Trail is open from March to January

Do not miss the chance to hike this ancient trek.

Have you checked the number of available spaces for the classic 4-day Inca Trail yet and got surprised by the fact that there are NO spaces left for 2017? Or perhaps you have contacted the tour operators or travel agencies who told you that there are no spaces left for the date you want to start the tour? These are just some of the situations we can perceive these days and, let’s say, they are kind of the same every year.

If, at this moment, you check the number of available permits for March and April, you will realize that the spaces have already sold out for some days; not to mention the spaces for May, which to date, they have already sold out for almost the whole month. June, July and August still show some more spaces left for each day; however, I am sure that these will sell out very soon. So it is best if you hurry and decide to secure your place for the Classic Inca trail before the spaces are sold out or you can also change your desired date to go on the tour for September, October, November, December or January.

How about taking the SHORT Inca Trail?

Discover Wiñayhuayna at the first day of the Short Inca Trail

Discover Wiñayhuayna at the first day of the Short Inca Trail

Discover Wiñayhuayna at the first day of the Short Inca TrailBut keep calm! If you have not decided the exact date to start the trek yet and if you still want to enjoy part of the famous Inca Trail or if perhaps your physical condition is not the best right now or even if you do not have the whole time to do the classic trail in 4 days. Then this good news is for you! The best alternative is to do the short Inca Trail in 2 days! The spaces for the short tour do not sell out as fast as for the full trek, but it is definitely better if you have your spaces secured eariler.

The SHORT VERSION covers the last part of the Classic Trail

The 2-Day Trail is a short but very special adventure that allows you to enjoy the last part of the 4-day trail. You will start the trek at Km 104, pass by important archaeological groups along the route such as: Chachabamba, WiñayHuayna, IntiPunku (the Sun Gate) and, of course, you will visit MachuPicchu twice (on day 1 and 2). There is no chance to do camping on this tour, but you are rewarded with a hotel night in Aguas Calientes, the town at the foot of MachuPicchu, which is also an unforgettable experience.

Get your all family on Inca Trail to Machu Picchu before the tickets have sold out

Get your all family on Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Enjoy the Short Inca Trail only with the ones you like!

We usually offer this tour only in private service since it is designed only for the members of your group or we can gather the solo travelers with other people and form a small group of between 2 to 8 travelers at the most. This tour is highly recommended for singles, couples, friends, families, families with children or even for adults, and very well recommended for people of all ages.

Get earlier to Machu Picchu by the Short Inca Trail

Get earlier to Machu Picchu by the Short Inca Trail

Spaces for the 2-day Tour 100% guaranteed!

Have in mind that we always, well almost always, have availability of spaces for the short trek the 334 days of the year, i.e. for the 11 months of the 2017 season, this because the Inca Trail always closes in February for maintenance reasons and so much rain. That is why we do not offer Inca Trail tour in February, neither we offer other adventure tours during this month. So if you are traveling in February, we recommend booking among the various tours to Machu Picchu by train and visit the wonder of the world in a more pleasant way.

To remember: if spaces for the classic tour in 2017 have sold out, then book the short Inca trail or one of our varied tours that also arrive to Machu Picchu; The alternative tours are just as interesting as the classic Inca Trail and you are not going to miss much since you will live the experience of millions of tourists in the world who seek to visit MachuPicchu.


Source: Samuel and Audrey