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January 2018: Available Spaces for the Inca Trail in JANUARY 2018

The Inca Trail is one of the most famous and busiest trek in the World, 26 miles (43 km) combines stunning mountain scenery, subtropical jungle, cloud forest, and of course the variety of Inca paving stones, ruins and tunnels. The final destination of the trail is Machu Picchu ‘’Lost City of Incas’’. We believe it can be a challenge to prepare yourself properly and get all necessary information for the Inca Trail. Along with the number of available spaces left for the Inca Trail in January 2018, we will try to provide the information which will help you get ready for the trek in this month.

AVAILABILITY for Inca Trail in January 2018

The Inca Trail availability on every each month may vary, but it is recommended that you make your booking in advance to avoid disappointment. You can check AVAILABILITY in January or any other month and proceed your booking. If there is no availability on the day you are requesting, have a look for other trips and treks which also get to Machu Picchu.

Get ready for weather in January

The weather along the Inca Trail splits into two main yearly seasons. The dry – winter season starts from April through to October, and wet – summer season from November through to March.

January is likely one of the rainiest months during the year. Daily temperature varies from 19°C- 22°C and drops below 8°C.

Throughout January, the most common forms of weather are moderate rain, light rain, thunderstorms, and drizzle. Over the course of January, the length of sunny days are constant.

Live the local culture with celebrations in January

January is rich with celebrations during the month, even though it’s a rainy month, you will find it magical!

  • Cusco is the best city to celebrate New Year’s in all South America. Actually, Cusco is in top 10 places in the world to meet New Year’s. Every year many people come here just to celebrate New Year’s to experience a mystic City way to meet New Year’s.

Apart from New Year’s fest there are many more celebrations following by magical beliefs of ancient forms of worship.

  • “Fiesta de Ollantaytambo” – January 6, feast that celebrates the “Reyes Magos” (Magic Kings), religious procession with great folkloric dances.
  • “Fiesta de San Sebastian” – January 20, religious feast of the town’s patron, folkloric dances and invitation of food and fruit.
  • Everyone who is planning visit Peru in January will bring some unforgettable memories back home!

Experts’ packing list for Inca trail in January 2018

While the Inka Trail is one of the most popular treks in the World, it can be surprisingly hard to find solid information about Inka Trail preparation and packing tips to help you to prepare yourself for the trek. If you are wondering already about what is included in a packing list for Inka Trail, like things you really need and will be definitely in use, and things may just waste space in your back and make your Inka Trail more difficult. We carefully prepared a PACKING LIST for your trek to help you get ready for the Inka Trail In June or in any other month you may travel in 2018.