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Follow the Steps to Make Reservations

WARNING: All payment methods have extra charges not included in the quotation. Please check the payment details.

You may make the payment for any of our tourism related services using one of the following options:

A. Pay online with credit card.  Click on any of the VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DINERS CARD icons below, you will be led to a safe page and follow the instructions.

Verified by VISA Payments, Machu Picchu Travel Peru toursVery Sign VISA Payments, Machu Picchu Travel Peru tours Pay Online VISA Payments, Machu Picchu Travel Peru toursTravel to Machu Picchu with Master CardTravel to Machu Picchu with American Express

B. Online payment with PAYPAL. You can pay in dollars with Paypal using your Mastercard credit card. We also accept other credit cards.

Use Paypal to pay your Machu Picchu tours


 Email :

C. Western Union or Money Gram transfer. This is the least expensive way to send money.  You can send us the payment for your tour at your local Western Union or Money Gram office.  The payment must be made only to the name indicated below. You should bring your identification card with you to send the payment.  Send us the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) that they give you at the Western Union or Money Gram office.

Find a WESTERN UNION agent near you
Find a MONEY GRAM agent near you
 Name :  Kevinn Larry Rios Perez
 ID :  47862095
 Address :  Av. Tullumayo 856-C (Cusco – Peru)

D. Bank to bank international wire transfer. This option is best for groups who want to send their deposits together. Banks usually charge a single, set wire fee and it can be done at the bank of your preference! Make the deposit providing the information below, and then provide us with the following information: Transaction Number, Date, Amount Sent and Name of your Bank. We must emphasize that if your bank is not in Peru, it probably use intermediary banks that will charge additional fees that will be paid by the passenger.

Bank Name: Banco de CREDITO del PERU
Bank Address: Calle Centenario 156, La Molina – Lima 12, Peru
Company Address: Cusco – Peru
Interbank Account Code (IAC): 00228500203547211951 (dollars)
For direct Bank to Bank Transfers
Account Nº: 285-2035472-1-19 (dollars)