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Plan Ahead and Book Early your 2018 INCA TRAIL Now!

Plan Ahead and Book Early your 2018 INCA TRAIL Now!

Due to overwhelming demand, tickets for the 2017 Classic 4-day Inca Trail, the most popular of all Inca Trails, are sold out until late November. But don’t worry, here we provide all the information you need to guarantee your anytime, any kind 2018 Inca Trail ticket! This is our plan ahead and book early your 2018 Inca Trail guide!

Basic information

First of all, TOUR IN PERU is a fully licensed, official tour operator, which is a must because all Inca Trail tickets must be purchased from a specialized Peruvian government agency; this is an advantage you have by choosing TOUR IN PERU, right from the start. Due to new Peruvian regulations, ticket sales for the Inca Trails in 2018 will begin in October 2017; before, beginning of sales was in January every year, but now it all points out to the government tourism agency trying to space up and widen the time for all the process of ticket reservation and tour scheduling. This is why we are now launching our plan ahead and book early policy for your 2018 Inca Trails.

The regular season for all Inca Trails is from March to January each year; high season is roughly from April to October which is dry, with very little or no rain in the Peruvian Andes range.

Check Machu Picchu in Rainy Season

Discover the misteries of Machu Picchu in 2018 through the Inca Trail

All Inca Trails are closed in February every year, for two reasons: the first, it’s rainy season and the second, maintenance works performed every year on the Inca Trails.

Throughout the year, there are only 750 tickets available everyday for the Inca Trails (the Classic one that is done in 4 days and the Short trail that is done in 2 days); these 750 tickets have to also include, due to Peruvian regulations, guides, cooks, porters and helpers, so the net number of daily tickets actually available for tourist travelers is smaller: 200 for the Classic 4-day and about 200 for the Short 2-day treks, which means 350 tickets are for the staff such as guides, cooks, and porters, for both treks. .

Currently, for each group of 6 trekkers for the Classic 4-day Inca Trail, TOUR IN PERU must have nearly a double number of porters, one chef, and one guide. So the plan ahead and book early program is a really convenient service we are now beginning to offer our customers.

March, April, May, June, July, August and September are the months when tourists’ afflux peaks, so you also should have this in mind. This is one reason for you to plan ahead and book early your 2018 Inca Trail.

Now demand has greatly increased due to Peruvian government promotion, satisfied hikersmassive sharing on social networks and world economy out of severe recession.

How to maximize your chances of getting an Inca Trail ticket for 2018

Please fill our booking application in detail; passport information is very important, if you happen to be in the process of getting a new one, provide your current passport number anyway and we will update your reservation when the new document is ready. It is also very advisable that, due to greatly increased demand, you give us three dates you will have available for doing your Inca Trail. This is a very important part of our new plan ahead and book early your 2018 Inca Trail policy.

2018 is the year to visit Machu Picchu

Do not miss the chance of your life in 2018!

We ask you to please make a deposit in advance of about 40%, for reservation here at the government tourism office which control the Inca Trails; this is the best chance to obtain the ticket for your first chosen dates. However, given that starting this year the reservation process will begin 3 months earlier (October), we are really confident in keeping our standard of very high first-dates accomplished reservations for our travelers.

Please wait for our confirmation before proceeding with any other further steps, like airline reservations, budget allocation, buying equipment or the likes.

Finally, Peruvian regulations specify that all Inca Trail reservations are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable. You must carefully choose your visiting dates so you don’t have any wasted money issues!

Complementary information

All Inca Trails are closed every February, due to heavy raining (which could produce floods and landslides) and government maintenance works. However, here at TOUR IN PERU we care about our travelers who can only visit during that month so there are many other tours to Machu Picchu we offer on a daily basis, like our wonderful, top-rating 1-day and 2-day tours by train, among several others. All other tours to Machu Picchu are also included in the plan ahead and book early policy.

Enjoy a colorful show on board in the Vistadome Train to Machu Picchu

Enjoy a show on board in the train to Machu Picchu!

About ticket information on our website: currently we are showing ticket availability for the 2017 season, that is, from March 2017 to January 2018. Starting next October 2017, our website will begin showing ticket availability for the 2018 season, that is, from March 2018 to January 2019, so stay tuned and start planning your Inca Trail!

Last but not least, we also offer several other top-rating treks, like the Lares trek (4-day, 3-night, demanding), the Salkantay Trek (Sacred Mountain, 5-day, 4-night, demanding), the Inca Jungle (4-day, 3-night, adventurous), and more on a daily basis, which we can also modify or even customize. They all are also included in the plan ahead and book early program.

So, now contact our professional team here at TOUR IN PERU to make sure you will be doing your dreamed of Inca Trail on the dates you prefer in 2018! Become a part of our plan ahead and book early initiative!