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TOUR IN PERU awarded Peruvian Company of the Year 2016

We are very glad to announce that TOUR IN PERU has been awarded Peruvian Company of the Year 2016 on tourism! The prize was received on a major event held in Lima, on March 31st, 2017! Here we are going to share with you everything about it!

Each year, the Empresa Peruana del Año (Peruvian Company of the Year) prizes are awarded, for different branches of activity, like banking, education and tourism, among others. The main criteria for nomination are overall quality service and proven leadership. All evaluated companies are reviewed by a very demanding Selection Committee, which searches for the true markers of business excellence. The Empresa Peruana del Año award and the Selection Committee are also sponsored by leading business institutions, both Peruvian and foreigner, therefore this award is considered the most important of its kind in Peru. This prize has been conferred for 20 years now, and it is widely acknowledged among Peruvian business leaders and government institutions.

TOUR IN PERU was awarded Peruvian Company of the Year 2016 on the Services category, Tour Operators branch, on a ceremony which took place in Lima, attended by leading-edge entrepreneurs. We deeply thank all our staff for their daily top professional performance, offering different travel packages to Machu Picchu, which makes possible that all services we offer our travelers are the best. Also, we deeply thank all our customers, who have trusted and continue to trust TOUR IN PERU’s team for everything, knowing they are free to only enjoy their vacation to the fullest!

TOUR IN PERU awarded Peruvian Company of the Year

TOUR IN PERU thanks all travelers for this prize!

TOUR IN PERU is a travel company operating now for 8 years; we have an all-encompassing approach on touristic services here in Peru, mainly for our premier destinations in the Andes mountains and the western Amazon jungle. Our standards for top customer service, which led to being awarded Peruvian Company of the Year 2016, can be -briefly- summed up like this:

  • Top internet resources. From step one, which is when you start searching for travel data, our website and related online tools are always available and useful, providing complete information on everything you need to know to start planning your vacation in Peru.
  • Top online customer service. Our professional team is always ready to answer all your questions and provide 100% support on your vacation arrangements.
  • Top real-life customer service. Our punctuality, expertise, quality logistics, top-level staff, together with our personal care and support for all our travelers, surely play a key role in making TOUR IN PERU awarded best Peruvian Company of the Year 2016, tourism branch.
  • Top management quality. One of the cornerstones of TOUR IN PERU´S success is of course our management, who efficiently and smartly organize all activities, always aiming at providing our travelers with the best Peru vacation experience. Surely one key factor for us to be Peruvian Company of the Year 2016!
  • Top teamwork. TOUR IN PERU joins local and national business leaders, and government agencies in order to make Cusco a first-world level touristic destination, like Paris or London. In 2016, Peru received 3.744.461 foreign tourists, an 8.4% increase compared to 2015, and for this year 2017, international visitors´ number is expected to increase to 4.36 million. We´re getting close!

Tour operators in Cusco, and specifically TOUR IN PERU, are working steadily and restlessly in order to always improve service quality for our customers on all areas; currently, one of the main efforts is designing new tour packages which could be a source of great, renewed delight for our travelers for long or short breaks in Peru; brand new regulations for touring Machu Picchu are also a major contribution towards such goals.

Leadership means you are among the few, among the best; TOUR IN PERU has earned such status based on the complete satisfaction of our customers, who are the ones vouching for our top quality service on many places online and also recommending us on their face-to-face interactions. Another strong reason behind the Peruvian Company of the Year 2016 prize.

TOUR IN PERU is the Best Peruvian Travel Company of the Year

This award recoginzes us as the Best Peruvian Travel Company of the Year

Here at TOUR IN PERU we are deeply honored and satisfied with this recognition, that is, being Peruvian Company of the Year 2016, surely a great reward for our dedicated work to make our travelers´ experience here in Peru the best in every way. You have plenty of reasons to enjoy Peru. Having already positioned ourselves at the leading edge of tourism in Peru, now our commitment is to stay on that level, and seek for international achievements as well, always for the benefit of our travelers longing for a dream vacation in Peru.

This award is for everyone who makes TOUR IN PERU possible! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!

So, if Peru happens to be your next destination for vacation, give TOUR IN PERU a try! You will surely be traveling with the best Peruvian tour operator, after all we´ve been acknowledged so on March 31st 2017! Don´t wait any longer to book with the Peruvian Company of the Year 2016 !