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People who have never traveled alone often describe their first solo trip as an almost religious experience. To take in new surroundings unfiltered by the prejudices, tastes or preferences of a traveling companion can be heady stuff. Traveling solo gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully.

Of course, single travel has its perils too – such as safety concerns, loneliness and the dreaded single supplement. However a little preparation and common sense can save you money and get you through the rough spots.

Does not matter how long your solo trip will take, but here are 9 things you will learn while travelling solo. TOURinPERU has  options for you as a solo traveler for you to help plan your trip!

1. You will learn to make new friends

Instead of asking directions for bunch of people, you will choose single person on your way. Solo traveler is more welcoming, and there is perfect time depending on situation to start small conversation, maybe if not you, but the person will be more than happy show you where the place is.

2. You will learn about local life

You know that local people are more open when it’s only you-solo explorer, walking into the hidden little café or little family restaurant where bigger groups never step in.  On the way, or market meeting local family who is more than happy to host you for a night, you know – that would not happen if you would travel with others.

3. Learn to plan solo your own adventure!

No compromising, no appeasing or waiting until your friend will decide to wake up after yesterday’s long day of exploring the city. As a solo adventurer, you travel where you want, when you want, and however you please. You are your time and destination master! For this reason, you learning planning your day, or learning not to plan and just flow through your trip!

If you planning your trip to Peru, here are some tips for you how to prepare yourself for journey to Peru.

4. You are learning to see what is invisible

You are literally wrapped up in your surroundings while traveling solo. You notice a unique of the place, time you have to notice details that truly makes a place what it is. Traveling with group you may miss the details while you are more concentrated with chatting, or following other routes that were planned not by you.

5. Learning to be invisible!

You can call it a fresh start, or a temporary escape from routine back home. That is not to say you are different person when abroad, but it´s chance for you to see yourself from other perspective.

6. You will learn treat yourself

Time you spend alone forces you to really think about life back home, think what you doing right or wrong, or you thought differently before your adventure. You worked hard to get where you are, and you deserved some treats for yourself. It may be anything you like, ice cream with five layers of chocolate, day at spa or week in a jungle. After all, you will just realize that hard work you did was worth it!

7. You learn about important people in your life

While you are away, you have time enough to think about people back home and appreciate them no matter how far away you are. You have a chance to think about situations and time spend together and it is not always a welcome realization, may feel upsetting at first, but it is usually for the best, and that reminds you to make the most with loved ones when you return.

8. Learning how to be more creative

It’s writing, drawing or dreaming, solo travelers are usually forced to find new expressive ways to amuse themselves when there is no other people around you to communicate with (or Wi-Fi).

9. Try to pretend you are the only tourist in the world

Secretly every solo traveler wants to go where no one has gone before.

When you are the only tourist in a train or bus to nowhere, you may have a fantasy get off in unseen land where no one have left footprints yet, and you are here to do it first. New world named your name if you wish so! This feeling is addictive, you will always want to reach impossible places and be the one to leave the print first!

Get ready for your adventure, compare flights, tours and hostels and have travel insurance! For any further information please contact us to assist you.

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