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TOUR IN PERU is always looking to give our clients the best experiences! Besides the wonderful variety of regular tours you can find on our website, many adventure activities can be also booked, in several places across the fantastic Cusco region.

The Andean range is a quite challenging place in nature, with high mountains, wilderness paths, uneven terrain, strong winds but also with spectacular views and magical outdoors energy flow. It is an ideal place for adrenaline, adventure activities, like ATV tours, paragliding flights, mountain biking and much more. Next we will go through the adventure activities TOUR IN PERU can book for you. You can be sure these will be unforgettable experiences!

ATV Tours

There are several great, off-road routes in Cusco for ATV action! We have experienced, English-speaking guides and very wild four wheel motorbikes. As we said, the ride goes across wilderness paths, defiant and exciting, with wonderful views of wide plains and mountains, lakes, typical Andean fauna. Of course there are stops for taking pictures, enjoying landscapes and the reviving natural energy flow going inside the body and mind.


As we said, the Cusco region usually has strong winds. Add the ideal geography of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and you have a top one among adventure activities! The Sacred Valley consists of massive mountains surrounding a beautiful, green land with rivers, ruins, farming fields, animals and villages. The paragliding adventure is a 30-minute approximately flight above this amazing Cusco area, enjoying the speed and unforgettable views. Of course, we have professional flight instructors and all required personal safety gear. Fly like a drone above the ancient Inca lands!


This exciting option for adventure activities is also conducted in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, in a variety of locations. Usually it is paired with some hiking and sightseeing. The length of the lines vary from 200 meters to 900 meters (657 feet to 2,953 feet); naturally, the longer the line, the faster you will slide across the most beautiful natural views imaginable. Some people take this experience to real extremes, doing the longest lines upside down! Again, for these types of adventure activities, we have experienced, specialized instructors and safety personal gear.


Feel like a rocket launched to the skies at a dizzying speed! Then go back down like an eagle hunting, to finally swing side to side, way up high. You will reach altitudes beyond 100 meters (330 feet). Major adrenaline rush! Among adventure activities, slingshot is quite popular. We offer specialized instructors and safety in all aspects of this human flying experience! This is also carried out at selected touristic locations around Cusco.

Bungee Jumping

With a height of 125 meters (410 feet), it is deemed the highest in Latin America. Located in countryside Cusco, it is also quite popular among visitors from all over the planet. You’ll be tied to an elastic rope and then dive, jumping from a platform, then go back up like a yo-yo, flying like a bird. Of course, people are tied at several parts of the body, because let me tell you, otherwise it could be a Will E. Coyote fall. It’s a great, monster plunge. As usual, you’ll have specialized, English-fluent instructors to help and make all the arrangements before the jump, also all required personal safety equipment.

Great thing also is you can combine two or more adventure activities in Cusco! TOUR IN PERU is a licensed, certified travel operator, we have a network of resources that allows us to provide these additional services along with regular tours, with no bottlenecks or delays. 

No more waiting, talk to our travel specialists and come down here for tourism and these great adventure activities! Cusco has so many thrills to give!

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