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Before visiting Machu Picchu, you should understand information regarding buying Machu Picchu tickets and new regulations. Around 2017, the Peru government put in place updated visitor guidelines to help secure the legacy and integrity of the UNESCO Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

Today, there are regulated entries into the site and walking circuits to regulate foot traffic and control overcrowding. Since the November 2020 reopening of Machu Picchu, there are new regulations set in place to guide the number of daily visitors allowed into the site.

This guide walks you through all you need to know about the Machu Picchu ticket including how these new regulations may affect your tour.

How to purchase Tickets to Machu Picchu

We recommend booking a tour that has a visit to Machu Picchu in its itinerary so you can enjoy your Peru tour rather than purchasing tickets.

You should purchase your ticket via the Ministry of Culture and ensure to fill out the proper information appropriately. TOUR IN PERU offers complete travel itineraries such as Inca Trail tickets, multi-day excursions, and other expeditions. Contact one of our travel advisors at TOUR IN PERU today.

LIaqta de Machu Picchu

This is a basic and the most widely purchased ticket to visit Machu Picchu. LIaqta de Machu Picchu covers a guides you to the ruins and the Inca Bridge hike. 

4th Circuit and Huaynapicchu

The Huaynapicchu tickets are usually difficult to get because they’re usually sold out quickly. This ticket gives you access to the amazing views on top of Huaynapicchu Mountain. 

The mountain’s apex opens you up to a scenic view of the temple of the moon and the popular “death stairs” that trace back to Lost City. 

4th Circuit and Huchuypicchu Mountain

This ticket features the normal circuit and access to the Huchuypicchu Mountain. Hiking atop Huchuypicchu Mountain provides a scenic view of the northern region of Machu Picchu. 

Keep in mind that the Machu Picchu entrance ticket is valid only on the day set for entry.  You cannot transfer or engage a purchased ticket to another visitor since you’re already assigned a unique name and document number. 

Entry times

A limited number of entry tickets are available every hour from 6 am-2 pm. When buying Machu Picchu tickets, you’re required to choose one of the entry times that starts at 6 am, 7 am, 8 am until 2 pm. You can enter Machu Picchu above the time on your ticket, not earlier. 

Machu Picchu Time 

  • Entry tickets permit up to 4 hours of maximum stay inside the site. 
  • Entry for a Huayna Picchu ticket allows up to a maximum of 6 hours to hike and tour around. 
  • Entry for Machu Picchu Mountain ticket allows up to a maximum of 7 hours to hike and tour around. 

New Machu Picchu Regulations 

To manage the increasing number of visitors and ensure the sustainable preservation of Machu Picchu, the Peruvian government introduced new regulations. These changes aim to distribute visitor flows throughout the day and maintain the integrity of this iconic site travelers must be well-informed about these modifications before planning their journey to Machu Picchu.

Booking Machu Picchu Tickets

Online Reservations

Machu Picchu tickets can now be purchased through an online reservation system. You must purchase your tickets in advance, specifying the entry time to the citadel. The recommended channels to secure tickets are the official government website or authorized ticketing platforms.

Time-Specific Entry

Under the new regulations, entry to Machu Picchu is time-specific, divided into morning and afternoon slots. Tourists must adhere to their designated entry time to manage crowd sizes effectively.

 Guided Tours

We suggest using the service of an authorized guide. Guided tours help improve your experience while contributing to conservation efforts by supporting responsible tourism. 

Planning Your Visit

When it comes to planning your visit, there are key steps you have to take. 

Book in Advance

Because of limited daily entries versus high demand, we recommend booking Machu Picchu tickets in advance. 

Flexible Travel Dates

Be flexible in your travel dates to boost the chances of securing tickets, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Check for Updates

Always check the official website of Machu Picchu or contact us at TOUR IN PERU for updates on ticket availability, regulations, and any other modifications in the entry policy. 


Are Machu Picchu Tickets available at the entrance?

No, you must purchase Machu Picchu tickets in advance through the official government website or authorized ticketing platforms. Tickets cannot be purchased at the entrance to the site.

Are Machu Picchu Tickets Time-Specific?

Yes, Machu Picchu tickets are time-specific, and visitors must choose between morning and afternoon entry slots. It is essential to adhere to the designated entry time to manage the number of visitors effectively.

Do I Need to Hire a Guide with My Machu Picchu Ticket?

Yes, hiring an authorized guide is mandatory when visiting Machu Picchu. Guided tours enhance the visitor experience and contribute to the preservation of the site by promoting responsible and informed tourism.

Can I Purchase Tickets for Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain Separately?

Yes, tickets for Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain are separate from the general admission ticket. Limited entries are available for these iconic peaks, and they must be purchased in addition to the main Machu Picchu ticket.

Are There Restrictions on the Number of Tickets Available Each Day?

Yes, the number of daily entries to this site is limited. It is advisable to book tickets well in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred date and time.

What if I Miss My Designated Entry Time?

Tourists are strongly encouraged to arrive on time for their designated entry. If you miss your time slot, entry may be denied, and there is no guarantee of a refund. It’s crucial to plan your visit carefully to avoid any inconveniences.

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