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Due to very high demand worldwide, the Classic 4-Day Inca Trail is sold out until early November 2017; but don’t worry, we have plenty of alternatives for everybody who is ready to visit Peru and don’t want to wait any longer. Remember you can always check our website www.tourinperu.com for complete information about all our top packages and to contact our staff for any question you may have.

Let’s show you all the wonderful alternatives we offer instead of the sold out Classic 4-Day Inca Trail, so you won’t have to necessarily postpone the awaited trip to Peru!

The Short 2-Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Alternative

Visit Winaywayna in the Short Inca Trail

Short Inca Trail: Winaywayna ruins

The Short Inca Trail 2-day Tour is ideal for those who want to skip camping nights and 4 days of hiking but still wish to have the full Inca Trail experience; it’s a top alternative for the Classic 4-day Inca Trail. There are some 7 hours of hiking on day 1 and that’s it, you will arrive by bus at Aguas Calientes village to enjoy the town or get some rest at a hotel. Next day no hiking either, you will be taken by bus for the grand Machu Picchu tour!

Just keep in mind that this tour is also subject to availability –which we have updated in real time– but it is not sold out, there are permits available for most of the remaining 2017. Anyway, we advise you to start booking procedures with some time in advance.

Also, we have some tours that hike on sections of the Classic 4-Day Inca Trail:

Amazing Direct Tours to Machu Picchu Alternatives

Alternatives to the Inca Trail: Vistadome Train tour

Vistadome Train from Inside

Available daily and no mountain hiking here, no sold out issues either, these are more classic, regular tours which nonetheless provide the unforgettable Machu Picchu experience.

They can be done by bus, by train or both; for instance we have the wonderful Vistadome train to Machu Picchu, a ride with panoramic windows and ceiling, and the Luxury Hiram Bingham Train, a 5-star one which will make your journey to Machu Picchu a refined experience of one of the premier destinations of the world, with magnificent natural beauty and clean, healthy environment.

As a plus and optionally, you can include the climbing of the Huayna Picchu Mountain; on its summit you will have priceless views of Machu Picchu and the valley, praised by people from all around the world. New Peruvian regulations effective since July 1st 2017 will also improve touring at the Inca sanctuary.

Wonderful Tour Alternatives in Cusco for 2017

The Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain is one of the alternatives for the Inca Trail

The Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca

These are relaxed, slow-paced tours, which cover Cusco city, full of history, great architecture, natural and spiritual energy, tranquility, and also the wonderful attractions that can be found in the surrounding region, like the Sacred Valley of the Incas with its archaeological remains and large natural landscapes or the almost unique in the world Vinicunca Mountain, also known as the Rainbow Mountain, for its minerals give it a multicolor look.

Titicaca Lake, Puno Region Tours for 2017

The Titicaca Lake is the highest in the world, a beautiful wide, blue patch between the Andean mountains; here we offer daily motor boat tours along the lake and its islands, where you can find people, folklore, typical food, pottery and costumes. In the tours we offer in the region you can also find pre-Inca and Inca remains and visit the typical Andean city of Puno. One of the much demanded alternatives for the Classic 4-Day Inca Trail in 2017.

Great Tours in Other Top Peruvian Cities for 2017

Condor flight in the Colca Canyon sky

The Colca Canyon and the flight of Condors

Also on a daily basis, we offer packages to the two main cities in Peru, which are respectively Lima and Arequipa.

Lima is a modern, contemporary city, but also has valuable attractions from Inca times, from Spanish colonial times and also natural touristic places like the islands and ecology in front of its coastline.

Arequipa is an Andean city, with a wonderful natural landscape of mostly extinct volcanoes and also urban locations visitors will greatly enjoy; last but not least, the famous Colca Canyon is there, a geographical attraction praised by both national and international travelers, usually a sold out destination too.

Amazing Extended Peru Travel Packages for 2017

These are longer, extended packages, most of them including Machu Picchu among a number of top destinations in the Cusco area, but they can also reach the wonderful Peruvian jungle and the Titicaca Lake-Puno region. The great news is that these packages can be fully personalized to suit today’s travelers’ needs in terms of itinerary, accommodations, budget, etc. and to bypass any other restrictions due to nowadays schedule restraints.

Also, all our packages can be done as private tours with private services, which surely is the top way to have an unrivaled traveling experience in Peru, and at very affordable prices. Just talk about it with our travel experts!

We have a large grid of online resources available to our clients, starting with the website www.tourinperu.com and including our TripAdvisor and YouTube accounts, so you can watch many testimonials, see wonderful videos of our destinations and much more. Via the website you can contact our professional team for all further inquiries and booking procedures, so you can choose alternatives for the Classic 4-Day Inca Trail in 2017.

Don’t postpone your dream vacation in Peru! TOUR IN PERU offers many great alternatives in 2017 to the sold out Classic 4-Day Inca Trail!

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