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The archaeological complex of Pachacamac is located about 40 kilometers south-east of the city center of Lima, Pachacamac was the most important religious center of the indigenous people who lived on the coast.

Pacahcamac means "The one who animates the world"

Pacahcamac means “The one who animates the world”

It was also considered  sacred by the Incas after they conquered this area. The site has pyramids, temples, and other types of constructions. There is an on-site museum that displays items found at the site. Pacahcamac means “The one who animates the world“. Pachacamac was considered a god by the indigenous peoples. Many archealogical discoveries have been made at Pachacamac, including discoveries of mummies.

Pachacamac is a good place to visit while in Lima since it is close to the city. It is a pre-Inca site, and visiting it can give more insight into the way of life of the pre-Inca people who lived in this area. Visiting Pachacamac is a good way to take advantage of time in Lima as many people stop in Lima on the way to Cusco. There are daily tours of the site and they can be done together with tours of other places in Lima. See our Lima Tours for more information.


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