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The Cusco region is an endless source of wonders for visitors! Besides Machu Picchu, we have plenty of archaeology, history, natural beauty, mysticism, adventure, gastronomy and more! This time, we will talk about the amazing traditional, typical Andean products you can buy and take home forever. Without a doubt, there is no way you’ll be visiting Cusco and not see our typical Andean, Inca souvenirs; so next we will tell you places where you can find quite a lot of all kinds of typical products. Check with us about the best handicraft markets in Cusco City and in the nearby Sacred Valley:

Mercado San Pedro (San Pedro Market):

This is a truly classic among best handicraft markets in Cusco City. It is located downtown, not far from the Main Square (Plaza de Armas), within a comfortable, relaxing walking range. It occupies an entire block and has many long alleys. There you can find everything when it comes to souvenirs: clothing, tapestry, jewelry, ornaments, paintings, silver workings and more, all related to our amazing Inca history, at very convenient prices. Also, this market has a very large gastronomy area, where you can enjoy juices of Peruvian exotic fruits, typical Peruvian dishes, vegetarian food and budget lunches. This is really one of the top, best handicraft markets in Cusco City.

Mercado de San Blas (San Blas Market):

Every Saturday at the neighborhood’s square, in front of the church, you can find the open air craft fair. This outdoors event also qualifies big time to be one of the best handicraft markets in Cusco City! There visitors will find textiles, clothing, art, alpaca garments, typical food and beverages. San Blas is an area in Cusco City famous because there are many lodgings and hotels for tourists and for a very dynamic nightlife. Indeed, everyday visitors can enjoy its bars, restaurants, coffee shops and similars, some of them with a spectacular panoramic view of town. If you happen to go there, don’t miss the San Blas Gazer, a really cozy place from where you’ll have a priceless view of Cusco City and a quite relaxing time.

Centro Artesanal Textil (Center for Handicrafts and Textiles):

This is a really big market, located in front of the famous Paqcha (Water Fountain), on Tullumayo avenue, close to downtown Cusco. It was created to support people from poor countryside villages, who make a living producing and selling these souvenirs. Clearly is among the best handicraft markets, because there visitors will find literally everything: fine alpaca clothing, ponchos, hoods, all kinds of silverware, paintings, shoes, boots, jewelry, etc all of them inspired by our prehispanic history, with its amazing designs and colors.

Mercado de Pisac (Pisac Market):

Now if you are going on our 1-Day Sacred Valley Tour, don’t miss the chance to visit one of the best handicraft markets, which, naturally, is a stop included in the itinerary. Right from the start, you will be amazed by seeing llamas and alpacas walking about freely. The salespeople are all of genuine Andean heritage, who have inherited millenary techniques they use to manufacture their products. There you can find pottery, Andean musical instruments, fine alpaca garments, all types of ornaments, textiles, hats, silver workings and much more. The plus here is that you’ll be also enjoying the town of Pisac, in the warm Sacred Valley of the Incas, with its famous ruins, great mountain landscapes and strong natural energy. Back in the day, Pisac was one of the agricultural hubs of the Inca empire.

Mercado de Ollantaytambo (Ollantaytambo Market):

Last but not least in our parade of best handicraft markets in Cusco, here is this amazing market in an amazing town. The best way I have to describe Ollantaytambo with its magnificent landscapes is: planet Mars should have looked like this before it became an orange desert! It does feel sometimes like you’re walking on our neighbor planet! Ok and now to what you can find at the street market of this beautiful town: you’ll find handicraft products produced by Andean villagers who have all the know-how of their Inca ancestors. All kinds of clothing, silverware, llama and alpaca skins, ponchos, hats, bags, backpacks, key-chains, wallets and much more. In addition to it, you’ll have the spectacular archaeological complex just a short distance away, archaeological remains that even today leave construction specialists in awe.

So, when you travel down here, there are several great places to buy the perfect souvenirs! At the best handicraft markets in Cusco, you will really time-travel to the 15th century and before, to learn about the Inca worldview, which was collective, religious, highly aesthetic, overachieving, and cosmic. 

We surely hope this guide of the best handicraft markets in Cusco, is helpful for you to bring back home the perfect souvenirs to remember our Andean culture!

You’re always welcome to talk to our professional travel staff and plan the perfect vacation in Cusco!

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