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Traveling down to Peru is a guarantee of a great, unforgettable vacation. Either on our coast, in the mighty Andean range, or the vast Amazonian jungle, a lot of amazing experiences are waiting! A Peru trip in 2024 will offer adventure, knowledge, history, archaeology, top gastronomy, splendid natural beauty, mystical energies, getting rid of all stress, and more. 

So, next, we are going to share with you the best recommendations for a Peru trip in 2024, in order to prevent any issue that might take your time and attention away from all the wonders of our country. We surely want you to enjoy Machu Picchu and much more without having to worry about anything else!

One of our best recommendations for a Peru trip in 2024 is getting a good travel insurance program. Not because our country is dangerous, but because nevertheless some situations impossible to prevent might happen and good travel insurance will surely help to shoot all troubles down easily. For example, a medical situation you might have; national healthcare system in Peru, forget about it, it’s always crowded and on the other hand, private clinics are quite expensive… proper travel insurance will have you adequately covered and make it possible not to miss your tours and other activities

Traveling with children: please keep in mind that some tours, particularly adventure tours, like climbing the Huayna Picchu mountain, have a minimum age requirement. Among our best recommendations, we advise you to check on this website, in the description of the tour you want to do, its age requirements. Also, you can clarify this with our staff. Luckily, most of our tours are family-oriented and children can take part without any problem. One more insider tip is, if you’re going to Machu Picchu in 2024, baby carriages aren’t allowed; you should bring a pouch.

Best recommendations on electronics: Please note that the voltage in Peru is 220V. If your electronic devices are not dual voltage (110V-220V), you will need to bring a portable converter to charge them. Additionally, there is a growing trend among travelers to bring portable solar chargers. As an eco-friendly company, TOUR IN PERU fully supports initiatives aimed at combating global warming.

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Vaccinations:  In addition to general health precautions, it’s recommended to receive vaccinations for yellow fever and malaria before embarking on a trip to Peru. These vaccinations are advised by many countries for travelers heading to Peru. Additionally, it’s essential for all travelers, especially those visiting Machu Picchu and venturing deeper into the Peruvian jungle, to use a good insect repellent to prevent mosquito-borne diseases.

Altitude sickness:  Among our recommendations for a fantastic trip to Peru in 2024, we must address the issue of altitude sickness. While it may not affect everyone, it’s important to be prepared. At high elevations, there is less oxygen in the air, which can lead to various symptoms varying from person to person. It’s highly advisable to arrive in Cusco a day or two before your tours to allow your body to acclimatize naturally. If symptoms do occur, it’s recommended to hydrate by drinking plenty of water, coca leaf tea, and altitude sickness teas. Additionally, over-the-counter pills containing energizing herbs like guarana or ginseng, which can be found in local drugstores, may provide relief.

Visit Machu Picchu Now or Later

We hope these best recommendations are of great help in planning your dream Peru trip in 2024. Additionally, please check the post and related information of any tour you want to do; our website has plenty of information about every topic that is useful for our clients to have the best experience here in Peru.

Start planning an unforgettable Peru trip for 2024 with these recommendations! Our professional staff is always available to help you make a dream vacation real!

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