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The Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, 4 days and 3 nights, is the most sought-after package in this country. On this article, we will clarify about the best time to do it, so you can have the ultimate thrill in the Andean highlands and the jungle border.

Information on the Best Time for Doing the Classic Inca Trail

  • First of all, this trail (and the Short 2-Day also) are closed every February, for upkeep procedures, as stipulated by Peruvian regulations
  • The permits selling season begins every October, but we strongly recommend you start booking procedures with good advance, any month of the year. On this website, we have an availability calendar which is updated in real time
  • Dry season spans from April to October, it is also called high season. No raining at all, the weather is cold (particularly between June and August) on the elevated sections but warms up as we approach the Machu Picchu region. Most hikers will prefer this as the best time to do the Classic Inca Trail, but not unanimously
  • Rain season spans from November to March, it is also called low season. There are pourings which are nonetheless brief and not daily, climate is warmer, getting hotter as we get close to the subtropical jungle border and Machu Picchu. Barring February, many hikers take the adventure of possibly dealing with rain conditions. It all revolves around making oneself and the gear impervious to water, many hikers enjoy the additional challenge. Also, there are people who cannot do the Classic Inca Trail another time for varied reasons but they all state that even with rain, it was an incredible, wonderful experience. For more information, check our packing list for the Classic Inca Trail.
  • Please remember that you must start booking procedures the soonest possible. Entrance tickets per day are limited and particularly on high season they get harder to obtain.
  • For February, when the trek is not available, there are anyway many other options for doing the fantastic Machu Picchu tour. You can check this website for our top packages to the Inca citadel, which have daily availability throughout the year, can be fully personalized and upgraded to fulfill all your vacation goals

the best time to do the Classic Inca Trail

If you choose the dry season you will appreciate a landscape that is totally illuminated and clear.

Extending Your Classic Inca Trail

You will have the great chance to extend the experience on this trek if coming on the following dates, which coincide with some of Cusco’s best celebrations:

  • On June 24th, the city celebrates the mighty Inti Raymi or Sun Festival. It is a reminiscence of the ancient ritual that the Incas held in worship of the Sun god, their main divinity, provider of light, warmth and life. All royalty, local and from everywhere around the empire gathered in Cusco City to give thanks to the Sun god and bless the beginning of the new year, that it brings rain, health, good harvests and prosperity. Nowadays, the festival is recreated at three historical places: the Koricancha temple, the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) and nearby Sacsayhuaman fortress, with actors, dances, typical music and rituals from the times of the empire.
  • On October 8th, there is the Moray Raymi, held at the wonderful archaeological site named likewise. This time, the idea is to give thanks to the Sun god for an abundant harvest. Moray was a place for agricultural research and planning in the days of the empire, so it was natural that their priests chose it for the ritual. It is reenacted with music, dances and rituals from ancient times
  • TOUR IN PERU offers great packages for these typical Cusco celebrations, please ask our travel personnel.

the best time to do the Classic Inca Trail

The Inti Raymi can be added to your tour to learn a little more about the Inca culture.

Now you have all information about the best time to do the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and more! Contact TOUR IN PERU for booking a splendid vacation in Peru!

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