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After lockdown, now with global vaccination the great Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is possible again! 4-day Classic Inca Trail 2022 permits are available, check the info below! 

People are now traveling again already or planning future trips… this means Machu Picchu, one of the world’s top destinations, is trending after a good while. And so is the amazing Classic Inca Trail, one of the best, high-ranked treks in the planet. And high-ranked it is, to the point of selling out months in advance… here we will help you make your dream come true and secure Classic Inca Trail 2022 permits.

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Ticketing Policy for 2022 Permits

Due to massive demand, Classic Inca Trail 2022 permits must be bought well in advance. Actually, as of today, permits are sold out until mid-July 2022. This means there is availability from late July 2022 until late December 2022.

In order to protect the Classic Inca Trail route and its archaeological wonders, Peruvian government issues a limited number of tickets per day and because of the major, worldwide demand, they sell out very quickly. This is also happening for 2022 permits… 

Currently, there are 2022 permits available starting mid-July until late December. So, you ought to place your dream vacation in Peru within such window of time.

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What You Should Do

First, check our official Classic Inca Trail 2022 permits availability here in this site. The options are shown by month, with the number of daily remaining tickets also displayed.

Second, contact us the soonest you can! Our tourism professionals will clarify all possible questions and give you a quote. Finally, they can sell the number of 2022 permits you want, making your dream vacation in the Andean heights a fact for the near future.

Third, take advantage of all the resources our website offers! You can have a complete preparation for the 4-day Classic Inca Trail reading our posts… they range from what you should wear to how to obtain good travel insurance, with a lot of quite valuable information in between. 

Fourth, start getting in good shape for this amazing Classic Inca Trail across Cusco’s Andean range, the same route ancient Incas took to go from the capital city of a vast empire to the royal countryside retreat of Machu Picchu. Long walks are highly recommended.

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Now that vaccination against covid-19 has reached high percentages, it is time to resume life and goals again! You just choose the dates and here at TOUR IN PERU we can guarantee our customers they will have their Classic Inca Trail 2022 permits!

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