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The Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (4d/3n) is such a major experience. Here we are going to share reflections -mostly upbeat!- hikers have along the way. We’ve also got many thoughts left by our travelers and want to let you know! Really entertaining (and telling).

Before the Classic Inca Trail

  • Altitude sickness is a wimp!
  • I will get rid of these last residues of altitude sickness…
  • It was totally smart to eat and drink carefully… look at that guy, he’s on antibiotics
  • The Urubamba river is so amazing!
  • Wow, this trek is pretty much a United Kingdom convention…
  • Wow, these landscapes are really astonishing!
  • This Peruvian breakfast is superb!

During the Inca Trail

  • Let’s do this thing!
  • Let’s take that Camino Inka sign picture!
  • What a relief this travel agency gives us porters!
  • Look! A donkey! A llama!
  • Jesus, it seems I’m exploring another planet!
  • It’s getting quite steeped
  • We are actually hiking in the middle of clouds…
  • All these Peruvian meals are superb!
  • Keep going, keep going…
  • Spending the night at this campsite is utterly magic
  • This archaeological site looks like a science fiction city
  • Hmmm our guide really knows a lot about Inca history
  • Look at this valley!
  • Oh the Incas managed to built a tunnel through hard rock…
  • Winaywayna… oh my God what is this? Unbelievably awesome
  • Intipata… oh look the Urubamba river snaking through the canyon way down there!>
  • What a marvelous trek!
  • Ufff, this nap is going to be really good!
  • I can hear the hissing of a waterfall
  • On our way to the Inti Punku!
  • Four days without smelling traces of fuel!
  • Watching Machu Picchu in its complete splendor…
  • Machu Picchu is the very height of their building craft
  • This is absolutely worth the investment, the traveling overseas, the altitude symptoms of the first hours, the moments of tiredness…

Inca Trail

An experience to last for a lifetime.

Reflections After the Great Adventure

  • Let’s have a delicious Peruvian lunch and cold beer!
  • Aguas Calientes is so cozy and energetic
  • I really deserve being here inside this warm pool, having my favorite drink and enjoying the wonderful landscape
  • Upwards we go on a train ride until Ollantaytambo
  • On this bus ride to Cusco City, I’m really glad it was an experience to last for a lifetime
  • Back home on this plane, back to modern life again… Last of my reflections: Cusco, we will meet again soon!

We hope you have enjoyed this compilation of Classic Trail reflections, realizations, thoughts, some first-hand, some second-hand. My own take is just the sight of those magnificent, massive Andean landscapes makes it all worthy.

Just don’t forget the Classic Inca Trail has also a massive demand, you should start booking the soonest! Contact us to make a dream vacation in Peru comes true!

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