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This 2-day package takes you along the deepest one in the world and more! It is located in the Arequipa region, southwest of Cusco. Includes wonderful, relaxing Andean nature, typical flora, fauna and hiking! Here are our Colca Canyon best tips!

Best Tips for Getting There

  • Either if you are going to Arequipa City from Lima or Cusco, you have two options: a) there are daily flights (Lima-Arequipa 1:30 hour), (Cusco-Arequipa 1:00 hour). Usually flight expenses are not included in travel packages. b) If you are more of the adventurous type, there are also bus trips: Lima-Arequipa takes 17 to 18 hours, varying according to the bus company, Cusco-Arequipa takes 10 to 11 hours, depending on the company too.
  • For bus trips, most of them offer amenities like pillows, music, TV, separate bathrooms, night light and GPS at lowest fares. Bus rides which also include snacks, wi-fi, movies and on board attention are more expensive. One of our best tips for sure is you check in detail the bus provider’s website before buying and make travel arrangements accordingly. Besides doing the Colca Canyon package, you can take the chance and enjoy the Arequipa City Tour!

Colca Canyon Best Tips 2-Day Tour

  • Altitude sickness: Arequipa city is at 7,660 feet (2.335 meters) above sea level and the Colca area is higher, around 11,480 feet (3.500 meters) over sea level. So, if you’re not already acclimatized, adjusted to thin air -less oxygen- (and this means spending 2 days before in a city with similar elevation, like Cusco, 11,154 feet or 3.400 meters asl), this is what you should do: stay slow-paced, not much physical activity, drink much bottled, no gas water and also try coca leaves tea, an ancient Andean remedy for dealing with elevated regions. Finally, altitude pills get everyone going but few people will actually need them (only with prior medical permission). You’ll be ok by the time of starting the tour.
  • Motion Sickness: If you choose a bus ride, swaying may confuse the nervous system and trigger reactions like vomiting, headache, nausea. The natural ways to prevent it are breathing deeply from time to time, keep the head balanced as most as possible, look straight to the landscapes and not too often at the road, avoid eating too much, especially greasy foods. On the medical side, there are very effective pills which will prevent nausea and vomiting, again, only with your doctor’s authorization.
  • Be prepared to hike along the geography, wondering at the amazing natural beauty, typical flora and fauna (particularly the flying condors and Andean camels like the llama, alpaca), being at a gazer enjoying the full view of the canyon, admiring Inca remains, getting to know the welcoming Andean people, bearers of a millenary tradition of solidarity and hospitality, also still keepers of the ancient Inca wisdom, folklore and worldview. Check the detailed itinerary of the Colca Canyon 2-Day tour.
  • One more of our best tips would be you bringing binoculars for an enhanced view of all the magnificent landscapes, flora and fauna. Also, we strongly recommend you get a walking pole, it is really great for traction and balance. We have them for rent. Read our blog entry with more highlights of the Colca Canyon.
  • Weather conditions in Arequipa and the Canyon are the same as in Lima: from mid-September to mid-April, it is warm-hot, dry, sunny. From mid-April to mid-September it is cold, dry and with frequent sunlight. You should pack your garments accordingly.
  • Mandatory: we can not forget this among our Colca Canyon best tips, because the Arequipa-Colca region is exposed to higher than average sunlight, thus it is necessary you don’t forget a sun hat, dark glasses and sunblock.

The amazing Colca Canyon 2-Day tour can be the perfect addition to one of our Machu Picchu classic packages, like the Huayna Picchu hike and Machu Picchu citadel – 2 days. 

Finally, for getting to the wonderful Machu Picchu citadel, you may choose instead one of our exciting Inca Trails, like the Short 2-Day or the more demanding Classic 4-Day, both highly demanded by hikers from all over the world.

We hope our Colca Canyon best tips for this wonderful 2-day tour in the Arequipa region will help making it the adventure of a lifetime! Contact us for booking a 5-star vacation in Peru!



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