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Peru is a great country to visit! We have everything: archaeology, history, natural wonders, beaches, hikes, adventure and so on. This time we will tell you about the fabulous Huacachina lagoon, on the coastline of Peru, in the middle of a movie-like desert (Peruvian coast is all deserts, they are at the base of the Andean range).

Our coast is a vast desert, with amazing dunes, plains and views of the Pacific ocean; the Huacachina lagoon is located on the South, more precisely south of Lima, it actually is an oasis with greenish waters, with plenty of activities to enjoy! Let’s know everything about this wonderful destination!

  • The Huacachina lagoon is surrounded by top hotels in Peru, from where you can have a great view of it
  • At the Huacachina lagoon, there are boats available for sailing on the calm waters, enjoying the quietude and landscape
  • Weather is hot and sunny most times of the year, so make sure you bring: sun hat or cap, dark shades, light clothes, sunblock and long neck tennis shoes
  • Adventure activities you can do at the Huacachina lagoon: 
  • Sandboard: slide down at high speeds from the top of desert dunes! Usually you will be given six times to do this vertiginous ride!
  • Buggies: they are really big and you will have the chance to fight the deep desert sands! Also there is no speed limit in the open desert!
  • Tube Buggies: these are special ones, where people are encapsulated (regular buggies are open). You will ride with more people (usually 6 or 8) while regular buggies have only 3 passengers plus the driver
  • Another thing anybody should miss is the spectacular sunset; a gigantic, radiating red Sun slowly sinks in the Pacific ocean horizon line. Very romantic and peaceful.
  • The Huacachina lagoon is in the Ica region, the main wine producer in Peru. you should not miss the chance to visit some of the wineries and enjoy some of the finest ones currently available worldwide
  • Nightlife is also very active. There are very enjoyable bars and discos close to the lagoon. Drinking and dancing in a desert next to the ocean!
  • Since the weather is quite hot, preferably book a hotel with a pool. The Huacachina lagoon is not really suitable for swimming, its salty waters are very thick, although some people do take a dive
  • Keep in mind that the Huacachina lagoon is very close to other top destinations you can also include:
    • The Nazca Lines: a worldwide famous spot in Peru, these lines carved on the desert surface, for some reason, are only clearly seen from a plane! And they were done at around the 3rd century a.D.! Theories go wild, even talking about extraterrestrial intervention and being an extraterrestrial landing site… the scientific theory mostly held by archaeologists is that they are a gigantic agricultural calendar requested by Nazca kings
    • Paracas Natural Reserve: there you will find the amazing Ballestas Islands, while sailing on a boat. These islands are home for thousands of sea lions and other species as well, like pelicans and dolphins. After the tour, don’t miss the chance to enjoy world-class Peruvian marine food!
  • However, this region is also famous for top, varied cuisine, so there are plenty of other dishes to try! And the most typical candy is called chocoteja, which is chocolate stuffed with dried fruits and sweet milk cream (manjar blanco). Delicious!

If you have time, the coast of Peru is also a magical place, just like the Andes. It is a long desert strip next to the Pacific ocean, with great views of a massive Sun and the sea, desert quietude and a lot of nice things to do! Really a very relaxing getaway!

Feel free to inquire us about this wonderful possibility! Our TOUR IN PERU professionals will make sure you have the best of times at the Huacachina lagoon!

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