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This village south of Cusco City preserves most old Inca traditions, be it pottery, gastronomy, music, dances, religion and mysticism. We will witness and take part in all of it! Cultural tourism in Raqchi is the second part of our new integral tour.

1. Raqchi’s Milennary Pottery

After the unforgettable highway ride (gastronomic road) from Cusco City, we arrive at this small town, which was very important in the times of the Inca empire, for being an agricultural hub and also the place for a big temple for Wiracocha, their creator god.

We will briefly walk to mr. Agaton’s house, where he will show us the ancient Inca technique for pottery. He’ll start by putting a handful of coca leaves in his mouth and chew, for getting extra energy, the millenary Andean way. The final products are varied in sizes and shapes, beautifully painted with their mythology, religion, elements of nature and so on. Raqchi’s pottery has been declared Cultural Treasure of Peru by our Culture Department, in 2018.

On this note, Raqchi’s people set a pottery fair at their main square, where these fantastic art can be bought (there are more products like textiles, necklaces, bracelets, etc) and  you’ll get to meet vendors who still know a lot of the pre-Hispanic uses and worldview. It can surely be a great relaxing-shopping walk!

2. Ancient Inca Gatherings

After the wonderful pottery part, we take a short walk until a tiny hill to find a puquio (natural water fountain deemed sacred by them), where we’ll be also welcomed by a band of typical Andean music.

From there, we have a brief hike across a section of the Inca Trails, until reaching a beautiful, open grassy spot, in the middle of trees and mountains! There, local people will regale us with a traditional Inca feast: a delicious corn cream soup called lawa, then a main course, and for drinking, the millenary chicha de jora, a corn-based beverage, which is sweet and quite refreshing. If you want to know more regarding our fantastic Inca Trails, check the defying Salkantay Trek-5 Days or the lighter Short 2-Day!

After eating, the band will play music and the dancers will show us some beautiful choreographies, and if you want, join the party! This all takes place next to a place called tambo, where in pre-Hispanic times, running messengers stopped to rest and eat. Our professional guide will also takes us there! Another tambo can be found in Runccuracay, splendid circular ruins which are included in the Classic 4-Day Inca Trail.

3. Cultural Tourism in Raqchi: Offering to the Pachamama

After visiting the tambo, we go to another countryside spot, for the ceremony called Offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth). Andean religion says that all nature is filled with spiritual energies. The earth is the Pachamama, a feminine deity who provides food and everything needed for material survival. This ritual has been done for thousands of years by Andean shamans, to ensure good harvests, abundance of food and beverages.

One of the village men will officiate as shaman, we’ll hold a cup of chicha in a kero, raise it, worship the Sun, the moon, the mountains (apus), then drop a little on the soil and drink the rest, to seal a pact with Mother Earth. Read more about spiritual tourism in Cusco.

Cultural tourism in Raqchi, the second part of this tour, finishes in great style with this millenary ceremony, in the middle of nature! Third part will be done at the marvelous archaeological site itself!    

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