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We have partnerships with the best restaurants in town, eating out is a great idea embraced by many tourists! A dinner in Cusco City comprises the best international and Peruvian foods, drinks, desserts. Also a top typical show with music and dances!

How is a Typical Dinner in Cusco City?

We are sure you will totally enjoy it! First, there is a huge and varied buffet, with both Peruvian cuisine, world dishes and desserts. You’ll find our best picks, like the ceviche, other seafood, new Andean cuisine like alpaca steak, quinoa and more. Also, really yummy international treats like lasagna, spaghetti, Japanese, Chinese, Indian recipes and more. Know more about our excellent gastronomy. All kinds of drinks are available, we certainly recommend the pisco sour, Perú’s main cocktail. (Also, check our wonderful article about drinks in Peru). And for dessert, delicious treats, many of them made of exotic, healthy fruits from the Andes and the Amazon.

This unforgettable dinner in Cusco City also includes a wonderful set of typical Andean dances: they appear dressed with beautiful, colorful costumes, sometimes masks and the choreographies are enchanting. Many visitors join the dance floor and enjoy a quite happy, elating moment. The music is in charge of a folkloric band, which in turn also performs a show. You can buy their original CDs of Andean tunes and international pop classics. There are tours which include a really great deal of millenary folklore and traditions, like the Lake Titicaca-2 Days!

Everybody gets back to the hotel totally satisfied by a wonderful night!

Where is a Typical Dinner in Cusco City?

For example, one of our associates is the Tunupa Restaurant Grill & Bar, an amazing place at Cusco’s Plaza de Armas (Main Square), with a section where couples can enjoy the romantic view. There is also a large salon for groups and families.

Tunupa Restaurant is quite elegant, and the decoration combines contemporary and pre-Hispanic features. One highlight is the collection of ancient textiles and pottery displayed on the walls, really a pleasure to admire and ask the guide about. You can also read our article regarding colonial pottery in Cusco. Enjoyable instrumental music when the band is not playing. You’ll meet people from all around the world and spend a really happy, yummy night! If you want to enjoy more of this cosmopolitan town, check a great option, the Cusco City Tour.

It is surely possible adding a typical dinner in Cusco City to any of our tours! Talk to our travel professionals and they will arrange everything!



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