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On the itinerary of our 2-day tour to the fantastic Machu Picchu, we give travelers time during day 1 to enjoy the beautiful, relaxing Aguas Calientes village, at the citadel’s side. Check our great tips for quite interesting activities!

Cultural Activities on the 2-Day Tour

As we mentioned, the exciting 2 days package to Machu Picchu allows visitors to have the first day free to explore and enjoy at large the many attractions of Aguas Calientes, the small town below the Inca sanctuary. Next we’re going to suggest two activities for cultural, learning delight.

The Butterfly Institute: it’s very close to Aguas Calientes, you can cover the distance with a quite pleasant 30-minute walk admiring the natural beauty and feeling the relaxing environment. This Institute houses hundreds of different species of butterflies, for conservation, research and exhibition. One of the valuable features of this activity is watching the artificial habitat built for them, replicating the natural one, with trees and abundant foliage. The butterflies can be admired flying, standing still on the vegetation. Also, there are daily guided visits of the place, where specialists will talk about the whole biology of butterflies and their role in the ecosystem, really interesting information. There are places where you can sit down for a cold drink and enjoy the amazing ecological splendor around.

Butterfly Institute in Aguas Calientes

One of the biggest butterfly of Butterfly Institute in Aguas Calientes

Do not forget extra batteries to take plenty of pictures and all the necessary items for a Machu Picchu tour!

The Chavez Ballon Museum: After 30 minutes on the road to the citadel, surrounding natural beauty makes up for getting to the praised museum. It is ideal indeed, because in onset of a Machu Picchu 2 days tour, you’ll learn a lot of things about the history of the Incas and of the citadel itself. General feeling is this museum is the perfect introduction before visiting the ancient Inca monarchy’s luxury retreat. The museum displays amazing objects both from Inca and previous civilizations, the exhibits include a lot of written historical-archaeological information, be ready to read (information is available in Spanish and English). Includes a beautiful garden you can enjoy walking and a nice restaurant for eating after the visit. Will you find the 4 dishes you shouldn’t miss in Cusco?

The Chavez Ballon Museum entrance

The Chavez Ballon Museum entrance

Adventure Option for a Machu Picchu 2-Day Tour

Now for the action-in-nature, outdoors lovers, there is a great activity available in first day, the Mandor waterfall. It is a wonderful spot in the middle of the woods, where typical fauna like the spectacled bear roam (it is a peaceful, detached bear, just don’t get too close because it may feel threatened) and plenty of beautiful butterflies. You can get there either hiking or by train. The complex has 3 waterfalls, the one at the end is the bigger. There is a restaurant and bathrooms available. Natural beauty is unforgettable and of course you can refresh in the cool clear waters, perhaps enjoy a picnic.

Enjoy an outdoor attraction in the Mandor Waterfall

Enjoy an outdoor attraction at the Mandor Waterfall

TOUR IN PERU Tip: for all of these activities, carry the passport and preferably some change in soles. Actually, passport is required in all attractions here in Cusco, always keep it at hand (find out about passport, visa requirements for Peru). And read a little more about places to enjoy in Aguas Calientes.

So, for your afternoon downtime in Aguas Calientes after the train ride at the start, you have great options for activities! These can be surely amazing additions to a perfect Machu Picchu 2-Day tour!

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