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The 4-day Choquequirao Trek is a new one, which is fastly becoming quite popular. It is called Machu Picchu’s twin sister citadel, to where you will arrive after an amazing, varied hike. Find out here which is the high season for this great adventure!

The Choquequirao site is located Northwest of Cusco City and as the hike progresses first up and then down, you will be reaching lower altitudes. Seasons for trekkings in the Cusco region are arranged according to weather conditions; as these ruins stand within the region, climate is the same as for the other trails.

Choquequirao Trek in Rain Months

This period is also called low season, because the number of travelers decreases. Goes from November until March. Weather conditions are: warm to hot, mainly sunny, mainly windy and of course pourings happen, although briefly and not every day. This trek falls into the demanding category, thus rain effects make it even more difficult (wetness, mud), this being the reason less people book for these months. The trail is also open in February but few people would book for this month because of the rain and possible minor landslides. However, if you want to bring up your inner trooper this time…

Choquequirao Trek in Dry Months

Also called high season, spans from April until October. No rain whatsoever, but the weather is cold and windy on high elevations, getting warmer and warmer as you go down (the site itself is at 1.450 meters above sea level). The terrain will be always dry and temperatures more amiable for long hikes.

Overall then, most hikers consider high, dry season as the best one for this trail, especially for better climate conditions. This doesn’t mean the trek isn’t available all year round, but doing it on rainy months will require additional care, logistics, effort and it may be more difficult to book.

It ends with a visit to the Conoc thermal pools on day 4, providing a complete relax after the demanding hike. You may like to extend a great vacation by doing one of our short packages afterwards, like the Cusco City Tour, classic Machu Picchu visits, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and more. Please browse this website for complete information.

All our packages can also be fully personalized for your satisfaction and particular expectations. Private tours are likewise available for booking so you will have our top-quality services with exclusivity.

Choose your high season for the 4-day Choquequirao Trail and start planning the best vacation adventures in Peru! To make it easier for you, read our Choquequirao Trek packing list.

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