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There are indeed so many wonderful things to do in Cusco! On this article we will share with you five tips on how to enjoy Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas in quite unique, amazing ways. Great suggestions for an excellent 2019 vacation!

To Enjoy Machu Picchu in 2019

Next we are going to suggest how groups, couples, etc can relish the amazing experience of the Machu Picchu tour, in unique ways we have gathered with travelers coming from all around the world.

How to enjoy Machu PicchuTrain ride: we can offer all kinds of trains, economical, intermediate and VIP. They all have in common providing complete comfort and the full experience of the astonishing beauty, energy of Andean nature. In particular, the intermediate-price Vistadome train is designed with enhanced-view panoramic windows and ceilings, includes a typical musical Andean show and a fine alpaca fashion event. The 5-star, VIP Hiram Bingham train has a gourmet restaurant and bar, panoramic windows and a unique observation, open rear car for a complete connection with the landscape. You will surely arrive in Aguas Calientes after a quite wonderful journey!

How to enjoy Machu PicchuThermal baths: once already in Aguas Calientes, the beautiful village below the complex, you must enjoy the renowned thermal baths there (mainly recommended for a 2-day Machu Picchu program). Several pools of warm, subterranean water which is really relaxing, good for both body and mind. It’s an open space with spectacular views of the green surrounding mountains, quite reinvigorating and you can even order a favorite beverage to the pool.

How to enjoy Machu PicchuGroup or Couple Picture in Machu Picchu: from the Inti Punku (Sun Gate), the original access to the citadel, visitors can take the classic site shot of the citadel and the mountains on the background. This picture is one of the most shared on all social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc), really a classic photograph. A top memory of a premier worldwide destination!

How to enjoy Machu PicchuThe Llama Selfie: this is certainly a quite fun, also classic way to enjoy Machu Picchu in a unique way! Llamas will be found there, they are free and roam the site eating pasture, looking at the landscape and so on. They are also quite friendly and have become used to taking pictures with visitors. The llama selfie is quite popular now. These dear Andean camels can move their ears up, down and even smile a bit!

How to enjoy Machu PicchuCamping-based Inca Trail for 2019: as is known, all Inca Trails end up at the “lost citadel” after hiking the Andean highlands and then the border of the subtropical jungle, which is lower. However, the regular itineraries can be converted into a trekking experience with much more camping hours, which is surely appealing too. It’s a great way also to relish the amazing natural beauty and energy of the Andes range.

How to Enjoy the Sacred Valley in 2019

Perhaps one of the best ways, best tips on how to delight in this Cusco region, full of beauty, warm weather and great natural spots is the ancient celebration of the Inca Marriage. This is a ritual aimed at religious, spiritual couples. Inca mysticism holds that all nature is permeated by subtle male and female energies, so the Inca Marriage is a pact of true, lasting love which is also a covenant with male energies (mainly of the mountains or Apus) and with female energies (mainly Mother Earth or Pachamama), valid as long as the couple honors their vows. They both will wear typical ancient costumes and all the wedding will be like it was in the past. There are several ideal spots in nature where the ceremony can be conducted, near the main Inca sites.

Now you have 5 more unique tips on how to enjoy Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas in 2019! Don’t forget to book early and avoid planning issues!

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