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The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the best in the world. It’s also among the most searched, so everyone must book months in advance. Here we tell you what a great experience it can be bringing minors in 2019 for this amazing adventure in Cusco!

5 Days on the Inca Trail With Minors

This package is really excellent because it puts together the unforgettable experience of hiking the Cusco highlands with enjoying the Machu Picchu site and its surrounding attractions. Minimum age for this trip is 14 years old. Read next all the great activities this fantastic trip includes:

Kids Will Have a Great Time in the Nature

Kids Will Have a Great Time in the Nature

  • The fun on your 2019 journey starts with the trip to Cusco City, most of the times flying from Lima over the mighty Andean range. If you want more adventure, a bus ride from Lima takes around 22 hours and will go through coastal deserts before making a turn to the Andes big mountainous walls.

  • In Cusco City, hikers usually spend a day or two before starting the Inca Trail, and there’s plenty of adventure in town: first, both minors and adults can enjoy the comforts at the hotel, which offer very nice views of the valley. Also, you can go downtown to enjoy the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) with its massive Spanish churches and beautiful landscapes. Nearby you can visit ancient Inca palaces for free, find top restaurants and typical products stores. The brief stay in our city is very good because the body will get used to the reduced oxygen at this altitude of 11.154 feet (3.400 meters).

  • The Inca Trail itself is such an awesome trip! The total length of hiking is 74 miles (46 km), across the healthy, clean air environment of the highlands, admiring priceless landscapes of valleys, canyons, rivers, gigantic mountains, unique flora and fauna. There are also guided visits of fantastic stone ruins, which they built in the times of the empire for varied purposes. Lunches and nights will be at campsites: minors will enjoy the delicious Peruvian food made by our professional kitchen staff and at nighttime, beneath the mighty starry sky, they can gather to enjoy dinner and a hot beverage, then sleep inside tents. Such a great connection, immersion, in nature, in real wilderness.

  • Finally, the path of the trek turns downwards, entering the subtropical Cusco jungle and approaching Machu Picchu. The natural scenery changes to enormous green mountains and forests. The first contact with Machu Picchu is at the Inti Punku or Sun Gate, which was the original access to the citadel. It’s a perfect place for watching the site and taking great pictures.

  • The tour of the Machu Picchu citadel is simply unforgettable: our professional guide will illustrate about the history of the place, of its temples and constructions, the religious symbolisms of the place, about their science and worldview. After the regular tour, you’ll be given extra time to continue exploring the site at your own pace.

  • This wonderful trek also includes time in Aguas Calientes, the small town below Machu Picchu. There you will find great Andean spas for massages, the famous, open air thermal baths which are perfect to relax body and mind, great shopping at the handicraft market, excellent typical food and beverages, the quite interesting Empire History museum and the Cusco Butterfly Institute. Sounds perfect for your 2019 vacation!

Minors can also have the best of times doing the Inca Trail in 2019! Exploring, learning, enjoying nature and culture, our delicious gastronomy and much more. Just remember to book real early because of the very high demand!

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