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This was the main Inca celebration! Marked the beginning of the new year and also the winter solstice. The sun god had to be worshipped so it would bless the new year with life and abundant crops. Here are the reasons why you must book the Inti Raymi 2024!

Reasons why you must book the Inti Raymi 2024:

  • The sun god (Inti) was the first in their religion, like Ra for the Egyptians or Zeus for the Greeks. It was considered the giver of life and especially a blessing in agriculture, perhaps because frosts would greatly compromise harvests. Thus for this occasion, the Inca emperor himself and all royals joined the people in Cusco City for a ritual aimed at bringing prosperity to the new lunar long cycle. The current Inti Raymi recreates each year the original ancient ritual in detail.
  • The Inti Raymi 2024 is an immersion in Andean history and culture. Held every June 24th, it would surely be a wonderful addition to an Inca Trail, a classic Machu Picchu tour, or other packages. Experienced actors will reenact the splendor of the Inca court, with the royal family, the priests, military leaders, dignitaries from all over the land, and more, and the entire liturgy of the sun god worship and rituals for attracting prosperity. It is a Peruvian cultural event as typical as our Independence Week celebrations, which are held on the last days of July all over the nation.
  • At this festival, you will find Peruvian culture lovers from all over the world. They are here mainly for the Trails, Machu Picchu tours and to discover whatever they can about our rich past and present civilization. It is a great opportunity to exchange experiences, and valuable tips, learn Andean history, enjoy typical food, and drinks, and for plenty of joyful socializing.
  • On the half-day tour, our professional guides will show their ample knowledge in service of travelers. They will explain everything about costumes, dances, music, rituals, religion and politics, architecture, history, spiritual beliefs, and so on. For instance, you will know why the ancient Incas sacrificed a llama in honor of the Sun god (nowadays any animal is harmed at all of course) or made a ritual of offering with coca leaves.

Inti Raymi 2018

The Inca raised the offering in this ceremony.


  • Another important reason why you should book Inti Raymi 2024 is that it actually takes place in three main locations in the city of Cusco: the Qorikancha Temple (which was a main temple of the Inca empire), the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) and the cyclopean fortress of Sacsayhuaman. TOUR IN PERU will provide all transportation between these places and will also give our clients comfortable seats, always driven and supported by our professional and personal guide. And don’t worry about the rain, June is the complete dry season in the Cusco region.
  • We guarantee the sun god festival will be another experience of full relaxation and enjoyment of your Peru vacation. Leaving daily duties apart for a while traveling around Cusco, filling oneself with natural energy and a clean environment. It is a priceless opportunity to spend quality, reinvigorating time with family, couples, friends, workplace, college or church group, and so on.
  • Get away for a while from first-world technological and urban-social pressures in the peaceful, relaxing, reviving highlands in Andean Cusco, reconnect with the energy of nature, and learn about the amazing Inca history. The sun god festival was a magnificent New Year’s ritual where everybody got together for the greatness and prosperity of the nation. The current recreation brings back a certainly top experience for travelers. Surely a powerful reason why you must book this package!

Remember, if you’re looking to add even more quality to a Peru vacation, the Inti Raymi 2024 is a sure bet. A great half-day emotion exploring a foreign, high in the Andes, full of history city and some of its wonders.

We hope this is why you must book an article to be of real help! The goal is for travelers to have the best of times in Peru with our packages! Please check the website and contact us for reservations!

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