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This tour is about exploring a majestic region, with the lake itself, its islands with wonderful, friendly people, folklore, gastronomy and more! Find out about the Lake Titicaca best months, for this wonderful 2-day package on the Andean High Plane!

Finding the Lake Titicaca Best Months

This will mostly depend on climate conditions. We’re now going to elaborate on them, so you have all the information to start drafting a top vacation in Peru’s High Plane, southeast of Cusco.

Weather in the Puno (High Plane) region is almost the same as in Cusco. There are two very defined periods:

  • From April to October, weather is colder than in Cusco City, strong winds but no rain at all, for which it is called dry season. There is constant sunshine though.
  • From November to March, climate is warmer (but always colder than in Cusco City), windy, still much sunlight but there will be pourings, although not every day and brief.

Therefore, from April to October, because of dryness, the number of visitors and tours increases (high season) and also because of it they are deemed the best months for the Lake Titicaca 2-Day tour.

The months from November until March are called low season, for the rains might interfere with schedules but anyway we have travelers along the South Andes (Cusco, Puno) all year round. Although we have fewer visitors on this period.

In our blog article, you can know more about 5 amazing experiences in Lake Titicaca 2-Day package.

Note: The same weather conditions apply for the Machu Picchu area, except that its closeness to the subtropical jungle make it warmer than both Cusco City and Puno, throughout the year.

Extending Your Titicaca 2-Day Tour

Of course, this package may be an ideal addition to any Inca Trail, like the Salkantay Trek 5-Day or the Short 2-Day Inca Trail, a classic Machu Picchu tour (for example, the Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu-2 days) and so on. You can certainly contact our travel professionals in case of any further inquiries.

Also, on June 24th TOUR IN PERU has a premier package for the amazing Inti Raymi (Sun Festival) in Cusco City. This celebration recreates the original Inca ritual, which had attendance from all empire’s royalty. They asked the Sun god for a good new year and abundant harvests. You can have a wonderful time sharing this experience with our competent, friendly team, also with people from Peru and many other countries.

Lastly, on October 8th we have the Moray Raymi, a ritual the Incas held this time to thank the Sun god for a successful agricultural cycle (bounteous harvests). It is conducted at the Moray site, which in Inca times was a research spot for agriculture experts. Full reenactment of their costumes, liturgy, dances, music and more. We have a wonderful Maras and Moray half-day tour available all year long!

Choose your Lake Titicaca best months now for the awesome 2-Day package! Contact our travel staff for planning this quite rewarding expedition to the South Andes! We’re sure you’ll have the best of times!


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