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Near Cusco City, capital of the Inca empire, you can visit those unique, wonderful spots. Both were important places back then and now they are top tour options! Find here your Maras and Moray best time, for doing this package to the Sacred Valley.

Maras and Moray Best Time – Half-Day Tour

It will totally depend on you… the Cusco region has two seasons along the year, the dry one which spans from April to October and the rainy, from November to March. Now even people who can only come on rainy season still are completely pleased with the tours, with our services. For example, there are fewer visitors everywhere and nature is showing its beauty at the fullest.

On dry season, Cusco City is cold but the Maras and Moray zone is always warmer, and there is zero chance of raining.
On rainy season, temperatures are even higher and there are showers mostly twice a week, but they are brief, you won’t have to wait too long, being the case. And many times they actually begin after the tour is over!

Maras is a large salt deposit, worked from Inca times until these days. It is a very interesting place circled by mountains, with quite unique landscapes, great for walking and taking pictures.
Moray was a research site in Inca times, they ran experiments to increase agricultural production, to test different methods and elevations for sowing and so on. It is located amid a wonderful green mountainous landscape, on green fields which are relaxing, quiet and energizing. Also a great place for sensational pictures! Know more about the amazing Maras and Moray attractions and check our detailed itinerary of the Maras and Moray half-day trip.

Note: if you are looking for adventure tourism, we have a great option for these destinations: the Maras Moray biking tour!

Expanding Your Tour

First, you can check this website for our other premier packages, like the Inca Trails to Machu Picchu or classic tours to Machu Picchu, also the the Lake Titicaca region in 2 days, other areas in Cusco like the Sacred Valley of the Incas or the heavenly Humantay lagoon.

Second, you can book a visit on certain dates which are the best and recommended for top tourism experiences:

  • By mid-February, we have the Carnival celebrations, with lots of typical drinks, food, street dances, music, color and popular joy all around.
  • On June 24th we have the Inti Raymi (Sun Festival) attraction, which reproduces the actual Inca ceremony to worship the Sun god, giver of light and life in general. It is conducted at several amazing archaeological sites in Cusco City, with the whole costumes, rituals, dances and liturgy of old Inca days. It is like really going back in time!
  • Finally, on October 8th there is the Moray Raymi, also an ancient ritual of thanksgiving for a good, abundant harvest. Experienced actors recreate garments, spiritual offerings and the entire ceremony just like it was in the age of the empire, using the very site as a stage and altar. This tour is a splendid way of extending your vacation delights in Cusco!

Contact us and start doing the arrangements for an extraordinary experience in Peru, now knowing your Maras and Moray best time, for enjoying this package!

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