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A Little Overboard

Before the pandemic hit, travel had a tendency to lean towards extravagance. Oh sure, there were plenty of people that traveled for business and to see the world. But there was the culture of spending more money in a trip to say, Las Vegas, than most people earn in five years. 

One young woman commented that each trip to Las Vegas cost her over €22,000 which is a hair over $26,000. That figure included plane tickets, new clothes, the hotel stay, alcohol, going to clubs, the whole nine yards. 

She’s made six such trips so far.

New Eyes for New Experiences

The pandemic has forced people to slow down and think about how they travel. Now that travel is heavily restricted, people are learning to make their trips count. 

For those of us planning adventures, like going to see the grand wonder of the world, Machu Picchu, what kind of world awaits us when we step into an airplane now? 

World travel hasn’t been the only thing forced to slow down by the pandemic. Stay-at-home orders have made people learn how to entertain themselves quietly, making city streets less crowded and less noisy. The air has cleared because of reduced carbon emissions from cars on the road, or lack thereof. 

The planet has had a long-overdue chance to catch its breath and we have been able to sit back and see the value of giving the planet a chance to heal itself. 

It’s made some people pause and think about how they’re going to carry out their future trips.

Mindfulness on The Luggage Rack

It would appear that travelers and tourists are going to spend much, much more carefully instead of tossing money out the window. You’ll find that tour packages offered through TOUR IN PERU are frugally priced with generous value. 

The advent of remote working means that some are likely going to take their work with them. The word “workation” may become a thing in 2021. And why not? If you work remotely, your job goes with you. 

People will probably be spending more time in one location, and the chosen location will be someplace that really means something to them. Regulations and screening will be a reality for a while, so nobody is going to make a trip frivolously if they have to be run through that kind of mill just to get on the plane.


But Will Travel Habits Really Change?

The alarm raised over spring break gatherings has shown us that cabin fever is the second pandemic. People are craving spaces with no ceilings, and for good reason. 

But odds are that instead of the usual Home-to-vacation-spot-then-back model, people might opt for going to multiple locations before coming back home, and they’ll be away from the house for longer periods of time, perhaps slowing down to really soak in the experience. 

Without being able to hop in and out of locations like a science fiction teleporter, travelers may make the extra effort to really engage with the local communities that they spend their vacation in. 

The denial of the freedom to travel has surely caused some people to realize that seeing the world is a privilege, not a right, so their destination will be soaked in longer. 

We’re a little biased, but we hope that you include Machu Picchu as one of the places you plan on taking a closer look at. 

Selfies are nice, but we invite you to really get the citadel in front of you and not the smartphone. Your memory is the greatest SD card for storing your experiences.

TOUR IN PERU can put Machu Picchu and other memorable experiences on your travel map at prices you’ll forget about once you get wrapped up in your adventure. 

We look forward to not only seeing you, but seeing you slow down and take your time here.

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