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Like we were saying, the Vinicunca trek or Rainbow Mountain in Cusco is well-known worldwide, it is very trendy. However, in 2020, a new Rainbow Mountain was discovered! It is called Pallay Punchu and now there is an amazing trek also! The Pallay Punchu Rainbow Mountain is southeast of Cusco City, in Canas county, which is a route going upwards on the Andean range, on the initial way that leads to the High Plane of Puno. This new trek takes place at higher elevations, therefore, it is more challenging and adventurous! 

What is a Rainbow Mountain? It is one where the soil contains several minerals, which give earth a variety of colors, resembling an actual rainbow. The Vinicunca is one of them, for long thought to be the only one in Cusco. Now there is another, the spectacular Pallay Punchu. This hill has an incredible shape, like an arrow tip, which really allows for great pictures and videos; in addition, the view is astonishing, including the beautiful Layo lagoon nearby. And last but not least, the hike itself is quite an adventure, walking across wilderness Andean landscapes which resemble exploring a newly conquered planet, a science fiction movie!

Next, we will give you all the info about this new trek, which isn’t much known yet, so not many people there, no crowds. 

  • The new Pallay Punchu trek has daily availability. We suggest you start booking it some 3 weeks prior, it’s enough time for this tour.
  • The elevation of the Pallay Punchu trek reaches 4,780 meters above sea level / 15,682 ft. approx. Quite challenging!
  • This new adventure begins in Cusco City. We take a private van on a wonderful ride to the southeast, seeing amazing landscapes of green mountains and fields, totally relaxing views for about 3 hours, until the Sicuani area.
  • After breakfast, 1 more hour on the van until the Layo area. Then the other part of the adventure begins: it’s time to put boots on the ground and start hiking until the goal, the Pallay Punchu Rainbow Mountain.
  • The hike takes around 90 minutes until the arrival at this paradisiacal spot, high in the Andes, in the middle of pristine nature.
  • There, at the Pallay Punchu site, you have many things to do: climb to the top of the mountain, enjoy the view of the wide landscape with the beautiful Layo lagoon, take pictures, film videos, feel the strong natural energy flowing from nature, walk around feeling the healing quietude of Andean heights. Like I said, it kind of looks like a different planet! 
  • Given the high altitude of this new trek, it is mandatory you wear the right gear! Here is what you’ll need: cap or sun hat, woolen hood, dark glasses, gloves, polyester t-shirt, woolen scarf, sweater, warm, windproof jacket, nylon pants, soft socks, used hiking boots (to avoid blistering).
  • Also, a basic backpack to carry a water bottle (please, reusable), maybe some energizer or protein bars, similars. And to bring a photographic or filming camera.
  • You’ll have enough time to explore and enjoy the paradisiacal Pallay Punchu spot! 
  • But the new Rainbow Mountain adventure isn’t finished yet… now comes the walking back to the Layo area, one more stretch enjoying the natural beauty and absolute peace of the Andean range.
  • Finally, a relaxing ride on a private van all the way back to Cusco City, again enjoying the reviving energy and mightiness of the mountain chain, of the beautiful fields and woods. Priceless! We’re sure you won’t regret this unforgettable experience!

So, now you have not only the Vinicunca, but also the new Pallay Punchu! Two types of Rainbow Mountain, two amazing treks! It’s a really amazing time away from city stress, in the middle of pure Nature!

Contact our tour professionals! Cusco, the new Rainbow Mountain and many other wonders are waiting for you!

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