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On this article we are addressing the issue of documents like passport and visa in relation to a trip to Peru. We will give the information so you can easily and quickly solve all questions about this part of every journey abroad. Read next our regulations.

1. Passport (for tourism trips)

If you are from any other country outside South America, you will need a passport. The countries of this region have an integration policy which only requires their citizens to show the ID card (for example Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and all the rest). For other nations, having the passport is mandatory. Additionally, it must have a minimum 6-month validity at the time of entering Peru. In case of traveling with children, they need to have their own too, also with a minimum 6-month validity at the time of arrival here.


After checking in with Peruvian authorities, you will have a maximum of 183 days to stay in our country, there is no extension possibility. Another very important aspect about having a valid passport is that this document will be required for entrance at most if not all touristic attractions all over this nation, for instance, an Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, the coast and the jungle. Indeed, it is the only legal of documents you’ll have here as a foreigner, which can be of proof for registrations, flights, bookings, insurance claims and so on.

2. Visa (tourism only)

Countries like USA, Canada, Great Britain and others in Europe, most Asian nations do not need a visa for entering Peru. In case of traveling with pets, they will be required to have a Certificate attesting good health, vaccinations (rabies), no parasites, issued within 10 days prior to the trip.

A visa for activities other than tourism like business, studying, work and so on, has its own specific entrance regulations regarding these cases, which need to be checked with our embassies or consulates.

TOUR IN PERU offers wonderful packages for all top destinations in our country, for example, the Inca Trails, classic Machu Picchu tours, destinations on the coast like Nazca and more. Please check this website for descriptions of our premier programs and all useful articles about visiting our nation.

Also, our packages can be completely customized to suit your vacation goals, like accommodations, itineraries, transfers and so on. They can be booked as private ones too, for you to have our top-quality services entirely at your disposal.

Get your documents ready for entering Peru! Then talk to our travel operators for booking a dream vacation in this wonderful country!

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