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Many individuals express interest in visiting Peru as part of a group, whether it’s a family, friends, or students. We provide group tours across the country, each of which can be combined with any other Peru tour we offer. Even if you’re traveling solo, you can join our tours alongside other single travelers to enjoy cost savings.


Experiencing Peru and its wonders is truly remarkable, especially when shared with friends. Traveling as a group not only enhances the experience but also reduces the cost per person compared to solo travel. With 2024 presenting an excellent opportunity to explore Peru, now is the perfect time to secure reservations for later in the year.

It’s important to note that access to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail is restricted, with a limited number of entries permitted each day (you can check the real-time availability of Inca Trail permits). Therefore, it’s highly advisable to book in advance. Additionally, early reservations can yield savings on airline tickets and accommodations.

We have long offered group tours, for both small and large groups, and we would be happy to help you make reservations for your trip, or answer your questions about our tours and the places you can see here. Just contact us for more information.


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