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When is Rainy Season in Cusco Region?

Also called low season, it is the time of the year when we have rainfall, twice or three times a week. Although the showers are hard but brief, there is the outdated notion that this is no good for tourism… however, as we can gather from experience and many testimonials online, actually the rainy season in Cusco is quite appealing and attractive for those who have a stronger adventurous type. And also for those always looking for a good discount, without losing quality. 

By the way, let’s not forget, I digressed a little, rainy season in Cusco goes from November until late March every year…next, we will break down everything you need to know about this particular time of the tourism calendar.

Doing the Vinicunca Hike on Rain Weather - Best Season Rainbow Mountain

Rainy Season in Cusco: All You Need to Know 

  • First, this doesn’t mean tourism is all messed up! It is still possible to do the Inca Trails and other similar hikes, even the challenging 5-Day Salkantay Trek. It is still possible to have a great time in Machu Picchu too. And all the rest of the destinations.
  • For example, many people, real adventure-seekers, they will prefer to do some of these long, challenging hikes across the Andean heights under pourings and all, because it’s a quite different experience: it becomes about a greater achievement, it becomes about defeating the powers of nature. And going back home with a real tall tale.
  • When talking about these hikes on rainy season in Cusco, actually what is needed is to take some measures to protect things from the rainfall: bringing waterproof caps or hats, bringing a good, waterproof cover for the backpack, rainproof jackets, weatherproof hiking boots and ziploc your documents and money. 
  • The rest then becomes having an unforgettable adventure, fighting weather, muddy terrain, less visibility, etc, until the final destination.
  • Touring Machu Picchu on rainy season in Cusco it’s even easier. If it’s happening to rain, which is not a certainty, all it takes are a good plastic cover for the body and rainproof footwear. And ziploc your papers. It still is a quite enjoyable experience. 
  • In general, weather is warmer, sunny on rainy season in Cusco. Particularly in Machu Picchu, which is located in the middle of a jungle valley (the Urubamba valley), climate conditions are amazing: blue skies, radiating Sun, beautiful views and landscapes.
  • Rainy season in Cusco is also summer down here, below the Equator… Peru has wonderful beaches and resorts all along the coastline, with really sunny, hot weather. You may take the chance to have a great relaxing time there too!
  • Also, we offer tours on the Peruvian coast, like the Lima City Tour or the very amusing Palomino Islands package!
  • Last but not least: here in Cusco region, when it’s rainy season, all services offer very good discounts. You will find significantly reduced prices in lodging, food, shopping, transportation and many tourism packages. It’s a chance to have a very good vacation while saving money!
What to pack in rainy season in Cusco City Tour

So, rainy season in Cusco does not mean you can’t have an amazing time visiting us! Contact our tourism specialists and start planning an unforgettable vacation in Peru!

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