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South Korean multinational Samsung brand new smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+, were recently launched and as part of the publicity, Peru and Machu Picchu headline as the touristic destination in 2018 for showing the wonderful features of their Travel Guide system.

On a 1-minute video which has already more than 3-million views on You Tube, blogger Moriah Yadon shows several places in Peru: a popular market in Lima’s Surquillo area, the city of Cusco and the nearby temple of Sacsayhuaman, the Q’eswachaka bridge and of course the amazing Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. The promotional video highlights the smartphones’ features useful for travellers, such as a full range of internet conveniences, an on-camera translator and place identification via photography.

The fact that Samsung, currently the world’s leading company on smartphone sales has chosen Peru to promote its Travel Guide, is just one more fact that confirms our country as a top touristic destination worldwide. The video shows the hospitality of Peruvian people, their way of living and the wonderful attractions we have for tourists, like the Andean cities and villages and of course the astonishing archaeological remains from the times of the Inca empire.

This new smartphone software, the Samsung Travel Guide for Galaxy S8 and S8+, will surely be a plus for tourists visiting our country in 2018 year and so on, especially for its geographical localization features and the translation advantages it offers; from now on it will be an added pleasure for visitors here, to be able to much easily, better enjoy and capture their travel adventures in Peru.

So, take advantage of technological breakthroughs and make your vacation here even better! Don’t wait any longer to contact our profesional staff at TOUR IN PERU and get more information about your next hi-tech, dream travel in Peru!

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