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Cusco is a Peruvian city worth visiting for its historical significance and accessibility to Machu Picchu. Once the Inca Empire’s sacred capital. We at TOUR IN PERU can take you on a memorable trip that reveals exquisite colonial buildings, traditions and modern restaurants, and busy markets.

Plus, Cusco is the gateway to Machu Picchu where you’ll behold traditional market villages, archaeological wonders, and breathtaking views. But we can also help you to access a lot more attractions once you land in Cusco. Here are some examples:

1. City Tour in Cusco

We recommend touring Cusco City. Established in the 13th century as the capital of the Inca Empire, it became a Spanish colonial outpost in later years. Thus, Cusco is one of Peru’s longest continuously-inhabited cities. 

From Cusco, we’ll arrange for you to tour Machu Picchu soon after viewing famous attractions like colonial buildings, Andean restaurants, and a busy open-air market. We also recommend visiting the city’s vibrant and unmissable nightlife.

2. Sacred Valley of the Incas

For first time tourists, we recommend visiting the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which is 73km outside Cusco City. Once here, you’ll see why the Incas called it Sacred – location on a fertile riverbank. 

While here, you’ll enjoy a view of river El Vilcanota. The valley’s warmer climate makes it one of the most desirable destinations around Cusco. From here, we’ll help you tour Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chincherro, Maras, Moray, and other attractions.

3. Maras and Moray

Maras and Moray are part of the Sacred Valley, although we can arrange for you to visit them separately. While Maras is famous for active salt mines, Moray is an agricultural showpiece complete with a of terraces representing altitude levels. In ancient times, each terrace was for planting a separate crop such as corn, potatoes, etc.

4. Rainbow Mountain

Peru’s Rainbow Mountain was once snow-capped. As the snow melted, it eroded the soil, leaving behind colorful, other-worldly colourful slopes. The rainbow appearance is due to the different colour tones produced by mineralization. The spectrum of colors ranges from green to orange. 

We’ll arrange for the 100km bus ride from Cusco to Pitumarca Town before taking you on a guided three-hour trek to the mountain. Once there, you can climb and behold its cacophony of colors.

5. Humantay Lagoon

The Humantay Lagoon was once a pile of ice until the 1980s when the mountain snowcap melted, forming a lake. Sitting 122km from Cusco, it’s crystal-clear water that reflects the mountain is worth beholding. From here, you can access Soraypampa and embark on the Salkantay trek.

6. Activities of Adventure

At TOUR IN PERU, we can also take you for breathtaking adventures, such as touring Choquequirao, Machu Picchu’s twin city. It features beautiful Andean temples, plazas, terraces, and enclosures.

7. Community-Based Tourism Activities

Some of Cusco’s communities, like Willoq-Patacancha and Misminay-Maras, have preserved their customs, values, and culture. We have interesting community-based tourism packages that allow you to live with indigenous families and learn about their ways of life.

Why Visit Cusco?

The activities above are only a tip of the ice berg of what we offer at TOUR IN PERU. Once we help you tour Cusco, we’ll arrange for you to tour Machu Picchu and other nearby attractions. Book with us for experiences that transcend anything you’ve ever experienced before.

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