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For every traveler who is about to explore South America, Cusco is for sure the destination to everyone. Machu Picchu and the famous Inca Trail are most common spots to see and visit. Cusco’s history lives in between city walls, streets and squares. For every traveler one of the most important cause is financial preparation for the trip. It’s always useful to have a clue how much basic things and services cost, here we will give you basic information and support for you to budget your trip to Cusco easier.

If you are planning your trip to Cusco, visit Machu Picchu, do the Inca Trail, we are here to help you! Contact us for planning your journey, book tickets, or simply organize the pickup from airport to your hotel.

Time is the best saver

Planning your budget to stay in Cusco may depend a lot on how much time you have in a city. Having more days in Cusco means, you have more time ask locals or other tourists where is most common places go to eat or visit at the minimum prices, also, as a traveler yourself having time means you can explore and find most suitable places for yourself. Don’t be afraid get lost and ask.

Eating in Cusco

Endless restaurants, bars, markets or little coffee shops based everywhere in Cusco, especially in downtown and around. Food and drinks are quite cheap, because of the number of places in a city keep things competitive and on reasonable prices to fit in your budget. Very cheap is have food at a markets, variety of local dishes or food like pasta or pizza will get for everyone’s needs.

Homestay is best budged friend

Hostels and homestay style hostels in Cusco are quite suitable for every traveler, prices are reasonable even standards are fairly high. If you are a backpacker and already budgeted your stay you have that option too, there are many places for backpackers in Cusco, where you can rent a bed in a room with other people at the best budged for you.
If you need any advice or help to book a hostel at a most common budged for you, contact us for further actions.
Apart hostels there are a variety of hotels, from 1 to 5 stars, and probably for everyone’s budget and needs.

Accommodation during the high season in Cusco

High season starts from May through October, and hotels in Cusco are at their fullest. High season is also a dry season, and that means that most of the tourists coming to visit Machu Picchu and mostly of them to do the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu as weather is most common for the hike. During this time we would recommend to book a room in advance considering your budget, especially if thinking stay close to the main square Plaza de Armas. Cusco keeps opening new hotels and hostels outward and most of the newer places are quite far away from the center of the action.

Transportation in Cusco

Getting around on your own foot it’s pretty normal, as all most sightseeing places are in the center of Cusco. Buses are cheap, normally S/. 0.70 (0.2 USD) for the ride, and you can get pretty much everywhere. Local taxes are also at a pretty reasonable prices, easy and comfortable way to travel around the city.

Budget for tours in Cusco

It may look pricey at first to book tours around Cusco, but as long as Machu Picchu is one of the most popular spots to visit in the world you can safe of surviving in a city, and pay the price to see the World Wonder. Most of the tourists Cusco is a stop to start journey to Machu Picchu or other popular spots. TOURinPERU offers you tours towards to many destinations like famous Classic Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, Lares Trek, Train tours to Machu Picchu and many more. We are more than happy to organize your trip at your budget, and make the most of it. For more information contact us.

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