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The Short 2-Day Inca Trail is the ideal choice if you don’t have much time available, don’t want long hikes, prefer a more classic tour and so on. And it will give you the thrills and rewards of an Andean trek anyway. Finally, Machu Picchu! Here our best tips!

Before the Short 2-Day Inca Trail

  • This trek begins in Cusco City. There are no international flights arriving here, so you must take a plane first to Lima, many direct national flights get to Cusco city every day from there. (Duration: 1:20 hour)
  • This is a quite sought-after tour! It sells out weeks and sometimes months in advance. We strongly suggest you start booking procedures the earliest possible. Official permits sales begin every October, but do not wait until there! And remember it is closed every February. We keep an availability calendar updated in real time on this website.
  • About weather: rain, low season goes from November to March. You will find fewer travelers, although temperatures are higher and the pourings are short, not much frequent. Dry, high season spans from April to November. No rain at all, but temperatures are lower. However, keep in mind that the closer one gets to Machu Picchu, the hotter it gets.
  • Moving sickness: just in case, since there is a 3:30 hours bus ride from Cusco City to the starting point of the trail, early in the morning, avoid a greasy, copious breakfast. Also, try to stay balanced as the bus goes on, especially the head and breathe deeply regularly. Finally, you could also take a pill to prevent effects like nausea, vomiting
  • Altitude symptoms: like moving sickness, this will not affect everyone but it may. Our tips are acclimatization, arriving in Cusco City 2 or 3 days before the trek so the body can adjust to oxygen scarcity. You must also drink more bottled water (no gas), coca leaves tea is a millenary Andean remedy, highly recommended. Over-the-counter-pills get everybody ok but most people won’t need them.


It is normal that most tourists suffer from altitude sickness, for this we have an infallible remedy, coca tea.

Tips While Doing the Short 2-Day Inca Trail

  • Although this package is much less demanding, there is a hiking stretch of some 7 hours on day 1, so it is good to walk enjoying the amazing landscapes, breathing clean air and with a relaxed, joyful mindset
  • Bring a light backpack, clothing according to the season and good hiking boots. A walking pole is always helpful for trekking, one can be rented from us
  • This package includes two afternoons in Aguas Calientes village, where you can enjoy shopping, gastronomy,  the museum, the butterfly research institute, Andean spas and the upbeat vibe of this cozy village. Last but not least, there are the famous hot springs. Bring some cash in soles for having a great time there


Here in Aguas Calientes you can relax in its thermal baths, shop, or just visit the surroundings.

  • Don’t forget your passport because there will be usual controlling procedures conducted by Peruvian tourism officials. Also, please comply with the Inca paths and Machu Picchu regulations for ecological and archaeological preservation
  • Remember that there is the chance to hike up the Huayna Picchu mountain, before doing the regular Machu Picchu tour! You can book this great adventure for an affordable, additional price over the package

The Short 2-Day Inca Trail can be part of a larger, wonderful program in Peru! You could also book with us a Sacred Valley package, Cusco City Tour, the Colca Canyon and more. Please check the website for descriptions of our premier options.

With these tips for the Short 2-Day Inca Trail you will certainly have a terrific time across Andean paths, in Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes! Start planning a top vacation in Peru!

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