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The Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) 1-Day tour is becoming quite popular among hikers worldwide! On our package it takes 3 hours on a bus and some 4 hours of hiking in total, 2 hours to get there and another 2 hours for your return; it is surely a great adventure! Here are all the tips you need for a perfect journey!

Tips for your Preparation for the Rainbow Mountain 1-day Tour

The Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) tour starts in Cusco City at around 4:00 am, because there is a 3-hour bus ride until the Quesiuno area where we will set a camp and have breakfast, in order to begin the hike at 7:00 am. Thus, we strongly recommend you get plenty of rest the day before, eat nutritious and healthy, drink much water, avoid coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, anything that will lower your physical strength. On the bus journey you will have extra time to rest and continue gathering energy before the hike.

Altitude sickness might be an issue, because the Rainbow Mountain is located at an amazing 5.000 meters elevation. These are our tips: try to arrive in Cusco City some days earlier because the body usually gets adapted to the lack of oxygen, drink lots of water and also coca leaves tea (a millenary natural stimulant here in the Andes), lastly there are efficient pills you can find at any drugstore. A good idea would be to bring your own 1 liter (4 cups) of coca tea to the hike, it is indeed a powerful energy booster.

Tips on Weather Conditions for the Rainbow Mountain Tour

Rainbow Mountain in the Rainy Season: this goes from November to March. The temperatures are usually warmer (although at such altitudes like 5.000 meters above sea level always be prepared for low ones) and there are regularly brief, heavy rains. Sometimes it can even be heavy snowfall which will cover the mountain. For some people these conditions may be a bummer, for others they may make the hike quite more exciting!

Rainbow Mountain in the Dry Season: goes from April to October. Now the climate is really cold, strongly windy but no rain at all. Snowfall will happen more often although not constantly.

Hiking Gear for the 1-day Rainbow Mountain Tour

  • Wool hood.
  • Sunglasses (for the strong winds and close sunlight)
  • Scarf
  • Serious warm shirts
  • Serious warm jackets (if on rainy season, thick rainproof jacket of rain poncho)
  • Gloves
  • Serious warm pants
  • Mountaineering socks
  • Good hiking boots (previously used so your feet won’t sore)
  • A light backpack (we recommend you put inside some snacks, bottled water because breakfast and lunch are included)
  • A walking pole is highly recommended for balance and energy saving, we have them for rent

Miscellaneous Tips for a Great Rainbow Mountain Experience

  • Photographic camera (fully charged).
  • Small plastic bags for disposals.
  • 10.00 soles (Peruvian money) for the Rainbow Mountain entrance ticket, extra cash for dinner back in Cusco City and expenses not included (posted on the website).
  • Some people bring a GPS device for adventure and fun.
  • Physical demand: in total, you will be hiking for around 6 hours, so it is somewhat demanding, but our professional guides can give you time to rest and get ok, also do not forget the coca leaves tea, a quite effective help that has been successfully used in the Andes for centuries.
  • Backup plan: we surely know altitude and other conditions are rough, so you have the option of renting a horse and comfortably ride as long as you want, enjoying the unique natural beauty of these highlands

With these tips for a perfect journey on the Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) 1-day tour you are ready to book a marvelous hiking adventure! And please check our website then talk to our staff if you want to extend your vacation with a Machu Picchu package or a Short 2-Day Inca Trail among many wonderful packages within the whole Peru!

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