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On this article, we will tell you about the amazing benefits of doing a 2 days Titicaca Lake tour! Just 1 day may not be enough! We’re going to describe five wonderful experiences you can not miss and will have, just by staying a little longer at the High Plane.

1. The Copacabana Chapel (not included)

Built by the Spanish conquerors in the 16th century, this historical chapel on the lake shore is the place where people worship the Virgen de Copacabana, the most important in Bolivia. (The Titicaca is on the border of Peru and Bolivia and is shared by them both). It is a typical medieval Spanish church, which was built on a hill that was sacred to the previous Inca people living there, as part of the policy of replacing Andean religion with Catholicism. It is nowadays such a quiet, relaxing, energizing place on the Andean heights, full of history, ecological, artistic and architectonic beauty. You will travel back in time to the moment when Europe encountered the new world. It is particularly rewarding during Holy Week.

Titicaca Lake

The church of Copacabana, in Bolivia, a true relic that must know.

2. The Uros Island and its people’s culture

Visiting those people, famous in Peru and abroad, is a must in any Titicaca Lake tour either 1 or 2 days. They have lived for centuries on that island and have made wonderful, very creative use of the abundant reef which grows around the lake. It has been used for building houses, making boats (you have the option of sailing on them) and even pave the island ground. Moreover, our professional guide will amply elaborate on Uros people rich, millenary culture. You will enjoy wonderful nature, society and history at the same time.

Titicaca Lake

A town full of history that maintains its roots from its ancestors.

3. Watching the sunrise at the Titicaca Lake

Our 2 days Titicaca tour includes spending night 1 at the Amantani island, after a magical journey of hiking and a visit to the Pachata archaeological site. At night, we will have typical dinner with a local family, which includes a folklore show and a traditional party afterwards. Finally, we’ll spend the night there, at a family house. If wanted, you will be able to witness the mighty Andean sunrise on the next day, a red, giant fireball growing bigger and bigger and illuminating the paradisiac landscapes of the region, known as the High Plane. It is such a relaxing, energizing experience nobody should miss!

Titicaca Lake

A true experience watching a sunrise on the shores of Lake Titicaca

4. Share the sunset with your loved one

The High Plane is a region higher than 3.500 meters above sea level, where you will find a quietude, peacefulness, a natural energy flow impossible to have in urban places. The blue waters of the Titicaca stand still, just ripped by the sailing boats here and there, to, from and across. Hard to think of a more relaxing, bonding, romantic place to share a sunset with your couple. While the Sun goes down behind the lake horizon and the mountains, all the landscape becomes a paradisiac view, until the moment you will enter a tender night, watching the myriad of tiny lights in Puno city. Definitely unforgettable.

Titicaca Lake

Live the best moments in the Titicaca Lake with the beloved one.

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5. Take part on a traditional party

A 2 days Titicaca package includes spending night 1 at the Amantani island. But many wonderful activities are scheduled before! As we said, this night there is a delicious, typical food dinner in a local family’s house. Next, the people of the island will dress you up in their traditional, millenary garments, take you outside and there will be a party with lots of dancing, High Plane music, drinking their brews, everybody will participate and have a great time. Having such a celebration under the starry Andean highlands skies is something so rewarding you will never forget!

Titicaca Lake

Share and live with the inhabitants of the lake of your festivities.

All these amazing experiences are part of a 2 days tour, except for the visit to the Copacabana chapel, which has to be booked as an addition and that we think you should not miss either. TOUR IN PERU, a leading, nationally-awarded travel operator, offers daily departures for this enchanting, premier package. It surely can be the perfect next stage after an Inca Trail, Sacred Valley tour or classic Machu Picchu visit!

You can certainly browse this website for descriptions of our premiere packages and then talk to our travel operators for booking the best vacation ever! Peru has top destinations nobody should miss!


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