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If you are thinking on having a short break and spending your time in a worthful adventure, then Peru is the right destination for you. Pick your compass and head south to the land of the ancient Inca civilization to explore the best destinations for your inner adventurer. Complete an ancient stone path in a 4 day trek. Feel the peace of nature and the joy of people in the highest lake in the world. Strengthen yourself as being surrounded with volcanoes. Experience an ancient lifestyle of craft people. Or finally, fulfill the dream of reach one of the New Seven Wonders.

Once upon a time, there was a messenger…

Once you step on the beginning of the stone path of the Inca Trail you will feel the strength of the ancient inca messenger, the chaski. As you walk your way in this 4 day adventure you will understand how powerful they were as they ran at full speed by the mountains to deliver messages town to town.

You will not have to hurry in your way, just enjoy every moment of the trail. Open your eyes and catch the most beautiful natural scenes. Breathe the air of the Andean mountains and get energized with the radiant sun. Your muscles will say stop now, but your senses will push you to carry on to the next surprise along your way.

The Inca Trail is open from March to January

Do not miss the chance to hike this ancient trek.

A short break in the Inca Trail is the best option for adventurers looking for a challenge for their bodies and minds. Will you accept the challenge?

Open your heart to the dawn in a magical lake

Imagine yourself sitting outside a traditional house next to that special person of yours. You both have a cup of hot tea and you are ready to contemplate the first rays of the sun.

Beautiful landscapes at the Titicaca Lake

Visit the Titicaca Lake and get stunned by the best of Peru

Spend a break in the Titicaca Lake and be amazed by the joy of a group of islanders with a traditional lifestyle. Titicaca Lake has on it different islands with different people. This destination offers you a visit every island in a tour sailing the lake and spending a night in a family house.

As they live without electricity nor internet, you will fully disconnect of the digital world and you will have the chance to fully connect with yourself in a short break.

Let the lava of a volcano mix with your blood

Arequipa is well known for the white stone architecture and also for being a land of volcanoes. Head yourself from the happy and beautiful city to the Colca Valley in a 2 day exploration journey.

Misti Volcano in Arequipa

Get to Arequipa and the Colca Valley, land of Volcanoes

Get into the vast and solitary plains of the valley. The landscape is composed of small bushes and low hills. A family of vicuña is looking for food and the small cria are playing around under the Quechua sun. Next to them, the Andean small rabbit runs back and forth very quickly that you can hardly spot them.

During the second day you will get to the Condor Cross where you will watch the amazing flight of the condor. Are you missing this adventure on 2017? Pack all your courage and curiosity and let the trip to this destination begin!

Have you seen the Condor flight in Arequpa?

The Condor Flight is one of the must see in Arequipa

Have you ever been in a craft men’s shoes?

The sun rises in the mystical Sacred Valley of the Incas. A little girl is using her hands to patiently create an Andean pattern of threads. A man strives for getting the right form for his vessel. A group of women are selling delicate jewelry and accessories made of silver and local minerals. A paradise for any craftings lover.


The Sacred Valley is a destination of quiet nature and joyful people. They get up very earl

Peruvian Crafts in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Get amazed by the variety and colors of the Peruvian crafts

They every day to go to school in Pisaq, take care of the farming lands in Urubamba, use their hands to create more art in Chinchero and open their arms to welcome visitors like you.

Let yourself be surrounded by the magical atmosphere of this cheerful people and have a cozy break. You will have fun talking with locals and choosing a typical souvenir for your family or friends.

Sacred Valley of the Incas land of crafters

Get together with the crafter people in the Sacred Valley

This time YOU will discover the lost city

You are outside the entrance gate of Machu Picchu, the lost Inca city crossing out one more wonder in your list. How this ever happened? Smiling for a while you remember how you rode the Vistadome Train and traveled through all the Andean geography. Also, you remember how surprised you were after the marvelous shape of the old Inca fortress was in front of you.


Get to Machu Picchu in an Adventure Tour

You will be breathless once you get to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. You can combine this unique destination with other experience in Peru to fully understand Peruvian culture and history.

Do not worry about being in the jungle. Do not panic if rain ruins your clothes. Enjoy the happy llamas eating slowly and touch the ancient walls of stones. Listen to the explanation of your guide and close your eyes to visualize the old Inca time. Sit down and contemplate the calm but energizing landscape. That is Machu Picchu.

Whatever your destination is, Peru will fulfill all your desires and exceed all your senses. If you are looking for a short break, then make your plans and head one of those top 5 destinations in the land of the Incas. Call your friends, get your family together and start this adventure. Contact us for a full travel plan and start enjoying Peru!

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