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The Palomino Island Tour is a great, different experience sailing in front of Lima! You will visit several islands more, with rich history, natural beauty and finally a really close experience with the adorable seabirds and sea lions! Know here what to bring for this 4-hour journey!

Palomino Island – Clothes

They will be according to the season. In Lima, weather is hot-very hot from mid-September to mid-April and humid-cold from mid-April until mid-September.

Palomino Island – Hot Season

  • Sun hat and dark glasses (obligatory)
  • T-shirt
  • Short or summer pant
  • Light socks and running shoes
  • Or you can wear sandals instead

Note: The Palomino Island Tour gives you the extraordinary chance to swim with the friendly, playful sea lions! In this case please bring a swimsuit and large towel. TOUR IN PERU will provide the floating vest.

Palomino Island – Cold Season

  • Cap and dark glasses (for the wind)
  • Jacket (preferably windproof)
  • Warm shirt
  • Warm pant or jean
  • Socks, running shoes

On these months the ocean water is quite cold, so swimming with the sea lions would not be great fun. But there is the entire set of other attractions on this package, like sailing, beautiful landscapes, islands, marine fauna always there and so on.

Palomino Island – Miscellaneous

  • Photographic camera (with waterproof cover)
  • A small backpack
  • Some plastic bags for disposals (do not contaminate the ocean!) and wet items (on hot months)
  • Cash money in soles for some small, non-included expenses (please read the itinerary on this website)

Palomino Island

Live the experience of swimming with these adorable sea lions.

What to Bring: Specific Items

  • Sun hat, dark glasses and sunscreen are mandatory for hot months
  • Regarding sea sickness: wavy motion of the ocean may confuse your nervous system thus causing reactions like vomiting, nausea, dizziness. The natural way for dealing with it is breathing deep and constantly, not looking directly at the moving water (set your sight on the fixed horizon and around) and keep your head on balance, upright. Finally, we recommend anyway you bring pills which will effectively deal with such issue.

The amazing 4-hour Palomino Island Tour (and our other wonderful, brief packages for Lima) can be the ideal complement for your vacation in Cusco, either before or after visiting the capital of the Inca empire! Please check this website for descriptions.

Now you know exactly what to bring for the awesome Palomino Island Tour! One more option for rounding up a perfect vacation in Peru!

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