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Here is the best list of what to take to the amazing Rainbow (Vinicunca) mountain adventure, a tour that is gradually becoming one of the favorites for hikers from all over the world! Another great destination in Peru you can enjoy to the fullest with TOUR IN PERU!

The Rainbow (Vinicunca) mountain is located at an astounding 5.000 meters above sea level and is called this way because of its chemical composition, which results in a mix of several colors all over it. At these heights, it will feel like you can touch the white clouds and the sky with your hands! It is a unique, challenging adventure at the majestic Andean range. Next, all the items you need to bring to have the exploration of a lifetime.

Are you looking for the tour itinerary? Visit the following link: Short 7 Color Mountain 1-day Trek


These are the items basics you should have …

What clothes to take to the Rainbow Mountain?

  • A hat or a cap for strong wind and/or sunshine
  • Sunglasses
  • If you are coming on rainy season (from late November until late March), bring a warm, rainproof jacket and also a rain poncho. If you are coming on dry season, bring a warm, windproof jacket.
  • Scarf
  • Polyester shirts, because they are the ones who will keep your body dry for more time, unlike other fabrics
  • Gloves
  • Nylon pants
  • Soft mountaineering socks that will not produce sores on your feet
  • A good pair of hiking boots (preferably give them some use before so your feet will be adapted to them)

What electronic devices to take to the rainbow mountain?

  • Bring your completely charged camera.
  • Some people are bringing a GPS device for more adventure.
  • Because it is lighter, you should also bring a smartphone for great pictures on the go.
  • Charging cords
  • Some people are bringing portable solar panels to get electric energy.


Essential accessories in the Rainbow Mountain adventure

What Food and Drinks to take to the Rainbow Mountain?

  • 1 liter (4 cups) of coca leaves tea is highly recommendable because it is quite energizing and very good for altitude sickness (if needed)
  • Also 1 liter of bottled water (avoid coffee and any alcohol, like beer, etc)
  • You can bring energetic bars and/or snacks though
  • Perhaps some canned food if you prefer


Try to include these items in your travel list

What Hygiene and Health Items to take to the rainbow mountain?

  • Sunblock (do not forget to include it)
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Antiseptic pads and some adhesive bands in case of some scratch
  • Some towel paper and a small towel is the best combination
  • Some small plastic bags for disposable items
  • Any medication you may be taking

What aditionals articles to take to the rainbow mountain?

  • A trekking pole is totally recommended by almost all hikers! We have them for rent
  • Passport
  • Some extra cash in Peruvian currency (remember transfer from Cusco City downtown to your hotel after the tour is not included and neither is dinner)
  • You will also have to pay 10 soles for the Rainbow (Vinicunca) mountain entrance ticket

We are sure this list of what to take to the Rainbow (Vinicunca) mountain 1-day tour will be quite helpful! And don’t forget to talk to our staff because you may want to take the chance to do another of our great packages, like Machu Picchu!

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