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This article on what you need for Inti Raymi, held in Inca times to worship the Sun and mark their new year, will help to make this great experience even better. The ritual takes place at three different spots in town, with the original splendor.

The Inti Raymi or Sun Festival, is conducted every June 24th in Cusco City. This month is in dry season so there is no need to concern about rain at all, climate is cold, windy, although it may be also sunny (but not hot). The best thing to do is layer up your attire. So here is what you need to bring for the tour according to these conditions. For more information, you can check the Inti Raymi tour itinerary.

What You Need for Inti Raymi – Clothing

  • Sun hat, dark glasses, sunblock are obligatory because you will be outdoors from 8:00 am until around 6:00 pm
  • Warm jacket (preferably windproof), shirt, perhaps a scarf and gloves, warm pant or jean, winter socks and running shoes (you will walk on grass and unpaved ground too)

Food and Drinks

  • Since we will be picking you at the hotel at 7:45 am, it is recommended to have a good breakfast before, because the next main meal will be a box lunch (included)
  • Therefore, it is also advisable to pack some snacks of your preference, like crackers, energy bars, fruits, sandwiches and the likes, to eat before lunchtime and also during the afternoon
  • It is always wise to drink plenty of bottled water while in Cusco, it helps a lot with altitude. Also you could bring some coca leaves tea which is great for giving much energy and stamina. Due to new Peruvian policies about disposable plastics, please bring only reusable items like bottle, canteen or flask

What You Need for Inti Raymi – Miscellaneous

  • Don’t ever forget to bring your passport while touring anywhere in Cusco, it is required by regulations for usual visiting procedures
  • And don’t forget the ISIC if you’re a holder
  • Some cash in soles (Peruvian currency) for personal expenses like souvenirs, a typical snack, etc
  • Photographic camera for documenting the amazing Inti Raymi ceremonies
  • Perhaps binoculars for extreme detail (although you will be able to perfectly watch everything with the naked eye)
  • Don’t worry at all about standing in lines for ticket-buying, TOUR IN PERU includes them in your package
  • A light, suitable backpack

The Inti Raymi full-day tour can be the ideal complement for other premier packages we offer like the Inca Trails (Classic 4-Day, the fast Short 2-Day and more), which are in high season in June. Classic Machu Picchu tours (for example, the Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes 2 Days), the spectacular Sacred Valley of the Incas 1-Day and more!

Now it’s clear what you need for Inti Raymi, an extraordinary occasion in Cusco City! Talk to us for planning the best vacation package ever!


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