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Every person enjoys their vacations abroad in different ways. Some travelers are ready to engage in an adventure in remote destinations, Others prefer a relaxing and elegant experience with no hassles. Explore your travel style and find the best destination for your next vacation in Peru.

Peru: the land that every traveler enjoys

Enjoy a Peru travel in your own way

What is your way of enjoying traveling?

Traveling is possibly one of your favourite activities. It makes you relax, know new people and maybe have tasty food. Peru has many destinations different for each other. Every city has little places to have many kinds of experiences. No matter if you go outdoors to be surrounded by nature or if you are in front of a old painting in a museum, Peru has a great time for you.

What kind of traveler are you? Remember the last time you had a great time after packing some stuff. Was it in the countryside? Were you enjoying some delicacy with a friend? Or maybe learning some fancy moves of an exotic dance? Depending in your own traveling style, TOURinPERU will recommend you a special destination. Are you ready?

Old boots, backpack and tent. I am a hiker

Hikers trave to Peru and ger amazing adventures in the Inca Trail

Peru has the best adventures for hikes

Hikers will definitely have a great time in Peru. Step by step, you will explore the Andean mountains in the Classic Inca Trail or some other hidden destinations. Due to the great variety of landscapes and weather, hiking in Peru is not the same in each kilometer. You might have some rain in the stone paths, a bright sun as you go in the jungle, or a cloudy sky when you are resting in the high mountains.

Even if you are a beginner hiker, there is the chance that you already know the Inca Trail. This 26-mile path is full of incredible landscapes including clean rivers, green mountains, a bright sun, snow mountains, Inca ruins and more. Finishing the Inca Trail will take you to the next level, as it is the best hiking route in South America. It takes 4 days to complete, including the guided tour in Machu Picchu. Check the full itinerary.

In case you are up to a short hike, you can choose the 2-day Short Inca Trail!

No less than five stars. Luxury traveler

Of course you can find deluxe service in Peru and Machu Picchu. Our best recommendation is the famous Hiram Bingham Train to Machu Picchu. Being in this train is just more than seating and watching the landscape through the window.. You will have a cozy welcoming in the Poroy Train Station with Pisco Sour and traditional dances. During all your way to Machu Picchu, you will have a great seat to relax yourself and have a nice chat with your travel companion. You can enjoy the nature in the panoramic van, where you will have a full 180° view. Enjoy the live music performance as well of the other on board entertainment activities.

The Hiram Bingham Train is a luxury trip for those who look for elegance

The Hiram Bingham Luxury Train in about to departure!

Cusco and Lima, as the main touristic cities of the country, have deluxe options in accommodation and restaurants. Enjoy a great rest in hotels like the Hilton or traditional ones like Casa Andina. Meet the best of the Peruvian and Andean cuisine in Maido, Central, Cicciolina or Chicha restaurants by famous Peruvian chefs. You can ask for a personalized recommendation in your inquiry to our travel experts.

As an option, you can also visit other destinations in a private tour. No crowded groups. No waiting. Specialized tour guiding.

A guidebook, lots of references and a museum ticket. You are a history explorer

Congratulations! Peru is one of the preferred destinations for culture travels. The history of Peru is so extensive that no single museum could cover it. That is why the following tours are very recommended for you:

  • A half a day tour by the Inca ruins in Cusco. The Cusco City tour will take you by the four closest archaeological Inca sites.
  • Have a trip to the ancient cultures of Peru in the Inkariy museum. This exclusive destination can be included in any of our tours.
  • Lima has a hidden treasure for you. Pachacamac is the name of the temple of the prehispanic cultures performed worship to the god Pachacamac.
  • Are you interested in agriculture? Maras and Moray are a must for you. Get to know how Inca people extracted salt in beautiful salt ponds in Maras, and how they managed to build a research center for growing all kind of plants in the same environment in Moray.
Maras is one of the cultural destinations for vacations in Peru

Choose Maras Inca salt mines

A table, some food and a good friend. Forever foodie

Cusco Food: Try Chiriuchu. one of the typical Peruvian foods

Cusco Food: Chiriuchu typical dish of June

If your taste buds are your travel compass, three great cities are waiting for you. First of all, Lima, the best city to have any kind of food at the best level. Recently, Peru was the winner of the World Travel Awards 2017 in the World’s Leading Culinary Destination. Recently, lots of Peruvian restaurants located in Lima were nominated to the best restaurant of the world. Some of them are Maido and Central.

Traditional cuisine can be found in Cusco city. You can have some of the best dishes like chiriuchu (baked guinea pig, cheese, chicken, vegetables and more), sara lawa (cream of corn with cheese and potatoes) or chicharrón (deep fried pork with potatoes and salad) in the touristic restaurants at the downtown or try some international food. Vegetarian options are available too.

Of course you can still enjoy of some street food as you were a local. You can find some emoliente (a hot beverage made of infusions of several local plants) or eat a mazamorra morada (dessert made of purple corn flour).

My camera is my soul. Pictures are my words. Photographer

The best pictures of Peru in a trip with TOURinPERU

Are you looking for a great Machu Picchu picture?

Peru has lots of amazing spots to be captured in your camera. Find a great variety of natural and urban sceneries waiting for you. Some of them are the classic picture of Machu Picchu with the Huayna Picchu mountain, the sunrise in the Titicaca Lake, more than a hundred salt ponds in Maras. You can also shoot those unique moments like the face of surprise of a friend of yours the first time they eat guinea pig, or that soccer game with local children.

Local guides know that you are looking for the best spots for that special picture. Ask them where to take that portrait of Machu Picchu, the best angle of the white arcs in Arequipa, the Sacred Valley from above, or a panoramic view of the Main Square in Cusco. If you are an intrepid photograph, go up until the bell towers to have a special view of Cusco downtown or climb that hill to capture the beautiful natural views of the Moray Inca archaeological site.

Be prepared if you are planning to shoot remote destinations like the Dead Woman’s Pass in the second day of the Inca Trail. You must know that not all places have power supply.

Of course you can spend a whole week and explore all the destinations mentioned before and more. TOURinPERU wants you to enjoy your vacations the most. Contact us to get a personalized quotation or to solve ant doubt about Peru. Hundreds of clients have given us their testimonies on video. Are you ready to pick the best destination for your vacations?

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