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Hiking the Inca Trail is definitely one of the greatest things to do in South America, and perhaps one of the most singular adventure in the whole World. We’re sure you’ll love it more if you get the right information to prepare for your next vacation. Get ready to book your Inca Trail for 2024 by understanding having in mind the following topics:

Experience the Classic Inca Trail Hike:

Such a great hiking experience for 2024 that takes you along gorgeous ancient narrow paths deep into the Peruvian countryside and high into the Andean mountains. You will find perfect Incan ruins, cloud forest, and majestic valley views laid out like breadcrumbs along the way to one, if not the greatest end-point of any multi-day hike on earth, the World Wonder Machu Picchu. The classic 4 day and 3 night trek includes almost everything from the moment you´ll be picked up to the drop-off. There are some extra costs for equipment and tips, please refer to our travel experts for more information on the inclusions of this hike.

Do not miss the Short Inca Trail Hike:

For those who do not find an available space on the classic 4 day and 3 night trek, then the short 2-day trek is one of the best alternatives; you will enjoy the last parts that covers the classic trail. This trek is definitely easier, faster, but best of all, recommended for people of all ages. It includes almost, if not all. You’ll not sleep in campsites, but will enjoy partly train ride and partly hike, plus a comfortable hotel at the foot of Machu Piccu mountain; you will also have the chance to combine it with other amazing great tours such as that of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a city tour in Cusco or the famous rainbow mountain. Please refer to our travel experts for more information to personalize your 2024 experience travel package.



N° of Available Permits per Day

Following is the number of permits for both 2024 Inca Trail experiences:

1. There are only 500 permits for the Classic Inca Trail per day. This big number includes guides and porters, so the real number of hikers going on the 4-day Trail is approximately 200 every single day.

2. On the other hand, not many know about this, there are 250 permits for the Short Inca Trail, so since there’s no much need of porters (personnel to carry stuff), about 200 of them are allocated to hikers; so that’s why you’ll normally find more availability on this trek. Please, reffer to the links on this site for complete and detailed information on your 2024 hiking experience!


For a better experience, travel privately:

The TOUR IN PERU team is not resting, we are just now looking to add new details to personalize your itinerary so that you can have not a, but THE UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Also, for any of these hikes, we’ll make sure the group size isn’t too big and the price tag isn’t too high. So, help yourself by choosing a travel company or tour operator in Cusco that understands not all travelers have the same expertise on hikes, likes, tastes, and manage their Spanish fluently; so as it is explained here, most would definitely prefer to travel privately to their own pace and taste.

An ethic tour operator, we do our best:

You’ll definitely see first-hand our porters in action, it is important to know you will be traveling with an ethical tour operator which excellent treatment to their staff is never reduced, porter and guide wages and fees are maintained, on-the-job health insurance, as well as the right equipment is provided to them. All this is something highly appreciated by our staff; basically, the work they do and the quality of performance we demand has to be the same whether you book ahead or in the last minute.

Go with a CERTIFIED tour operator:

The Peruvian government mandates that all trekkers go with a licensed trekking company and local tour operator, this is not only to help preserve the Inca Trail, but also to travel safely. It’s well known that other operators may offer the Inca Trail or other programs at a lower price. This does not necessarily mean they are offering the same program: the level of service will definitely not be the same. We understand price is definitely an issue but we kindly request our potential guests and clients to choose a responsible tour operator as otherwise, you risk to be indirectly promoting the exploitation of rural communities and the growth of informal and illegal operators that do not build on the country’s development and growth. Your choice is simple, travel responsibly with TOUR IN PERU.

NO need to have many to start your 2024 trek:

Worried about who you are going with on this hike? Easy, at TOUR IN PERU, we provide daily departures as long as there is enough availability, please, check this in advance; so we only need one more of you to start this 2024 experience; this can be your own people, your whole family, your father, your son, your daughter, your couple, your best friend, a new friend or even someone you don’t know or like much. Again, your group will normally depart with a minimum of two trekkers or if you find it more interesting, you can request to travel alone and to your own pace; of course, whether you want to travel alone, you’ll have to cover all the expenses alone, yourself. Keep in mind it will normally not exceed more than 6 to 8 people (just confirm this with our travel designers).


When to book the Inca Trail:

Because of the limited permits for the classic 4-day trek which sells out quickly, tourists wanting to hike it, have to book this trek from 3 to 12 months in advance, but 6 months earlier or more is really recommended. Also, since the permits are tied to a specific start date, it is definitely recommended to plan the rest of your trip around your trekking dates. As for the Short Trek, not many know of the existence of this 2-day trek, so usually there is lots of availability even from three to a month in advance, so request to book this tour; especially, if there is no availability for the classic 4-day Inca Trail. So while you are reading this post and thinking about your incredible 2024 experience, just right now, others might be booking and securing their spaces, “you know permits are sold on a first come first serve basis.”

Incredible time with our team:

You’ll not only have an incredible time with our guides, porters, and chefs; the TOUR IN PERU team will also be super communicative and provide impeccable service previous to the time you book with us to the time you leave our country. There’s no need to compare, be sure you’re travelling with a responsible tour operator whose passionate team will definitely do their best for you to have the experience of your life; you are going to be in really good hands, the TOUR IN PERU team is the best recipe for your perfect holiday!

Highly satisfied travelers when hiking the Inca Trail:

Don’t take our word for granted, please, read or whatch videos on what our customers say! Because all in all and due to all of the above, we have very highly satisfied guests, as our numerous video travel testimonials prove. In the Testimonials section of our website or our youtube channel you may find reports dating from the time we started our operations to today. At TOUR IN PERU, we are sure you will also be one of them.

So how about you? You’ve probably looked for something specific like finding an Inca Trail itinerary, a tailor-made travel package that includes the Inca Trail, probably some travel information or tips for hiking the Inca Trail for your 2024 experience. We’d love to learn how we can help you in your next travel adventures. Just contact the TOUR IN PERU travel designers.

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