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APRIL 2024: Available Spaces for the Inca Trail in APRIL 2024

The Inca Trail is the most famous hike in a World, and a must-do, life-changing experience. Hiking the Inca Trail through The Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu is both tiring and breathtaking. Few days of cold, exhaustion and pain disperse as the mist lifts to reveal the bright green peaks and terraced ruins of the mystical ancient “Lost City”. We believe it can be a challenge to prepare yourself properly and get all necessary information for the Inca Trail. Along with the number of available spaces left for the Inca Trail in April 2024, we will try to provide the information which will help you get ready for the trek in this month.

AVAILABILITY for Inca Trail in April 2024

The availability for Inca Trail for any moth such as April may change very quickly as the rainy season is over and spaces are limited, we recommend that you make your booking in advance to avoid disappointment. You can check available dates for Inca Trail in April and proceed your booking. If there is no availability on the dates you are requesting, please have a look for the trips and treks to enjoy spectacular views to get to Machu Picchu.

The Inca Trail permits are officialy released for 2024 season since October 2023. However, as the permits for the first months of the season are quickly sold, you can pre book them in our contact form. You can also check avaiability for other months in the following table:

On the top part of our page, you can click on one of the Inca Trail or Machu Picchu tours to see the itineraries. It is also possible to personalize the itinerary to your liking.

Get ready for weather in April 2024

The weather along the Inca Trail splits into two main yearly seasons. The dry – winter season starts from April through to October, and wet – summer season from November through to March.

The month of April is known for high temperatures between 20°C – 22°C and drops below 17°C. Nights normally are chilly and temperature may drop to 5°C to 8°C.

During April, the most common forms of precipitation are temperate rain, light rain, drizzle, and thunderstorms.

Live local culture with celebrations in April 2024

  • If you have some time before or after the Inca Trail in April, you still have a chance to celebrate Easter with local communities.
  • “Second fortnight of March to the First week of April”: (date may vary) local people continue celebrating Easter. Cusco is one of the most important cities where Easters are very special celebration. There are pilgrims from different places, visitors from Peru and other countries.
  • “Saint Monday”:  Lord of Tremors Description: since 1650, according to the devotees, a canvas of Christ of the God Death stopped a strong earthquake that shake the city of Cusco. People worship the image of “Taitacha Tremors”. This celebration allows you to clearly observe the merge of the Andean Christian Religions.

Packing list for Inca trail in April 2024

While the Inca Trail is one of the most popular treks in the World, it can be surprisingly hard to find solid information about Inca Trail preparation and packing tips to help you to prepare yourself for the trek. If you are wondering already about what is included in a packing list for Inca Trail, like things you really need and will be definitely in use, and things may just waste space in your back and make your Inca Trail more difficult. We carefully prepared a PACKING LIST for your trek to help you get ready for the Inca Trail In June or in any other month you may travel in 2024.

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