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Why choose to go on tours in Peru?

Magic, history, nature, and culture are four of the elements that forge the spirit of the land of the Sun. Peru is a magical destination in South America: a place where the ancestral transcends time; a land where all other lands gather; a multifaceted culture of all kinds of blood. Contact us to book a tour of Peru.

The history of the centuries has been perpetuated in the popular tourist sites. Under the sun remains intact the impressive pre-Hispanic legacy which is part of the best tours in Peru, the Incan Empire, one of the largest pre-Columbian civilizations. Its organization, wealth, art and architecture greatly impressed  the early colonists and now impresses the visitors who decide to choose among a range of itineraries to go on varied tours in Peru.

The legend and origin of Peru states that the Sun sent its children, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, to found Cusco, the Sacred City and center of the four large regions of Tahuantinsuyo which extended over a great part of South America; and like Cusco, other places in Peru are a reflection not only of the past of the Incas, but also the Hispanic past.

A country that portrays its towns and villages in the magic of a mixed culture: squares, streets and churches give it its beautiful, century-old architecture and invites us to enjoy the hospitality of the great people with cultural diversity during your tours in Peru. Peru is also lavish in his nature, a land where there are 84 of the 104 life zones on the planet. Its geography is the habitat of countless species of mammals, reptiles, birds and plants. So, these varied tours in Peru are for nature lovers who will find an exceptional place due to its exoticism, diversity and breathtaking beauty in Peru. Contact us to choose the best tours of Peru.

You can also say that the tours in Peru are varied because you can find adventures on land, sea and sky. Few places in the world offer virtually every adventure sport option under the sun. Peru is ideal to experience unique sensations. An essential part of the magic of the Land of the Sun is in their culture, a lively mix of ancient customs of western Andean and Christian traditions. Their dances and instruments, their festivals and rituals, their delicious and varied cuisine are enticing expressions of the multicultural fiber in Peru.

The City of the Kings, The Pearl of the Pacific, The Garden City, The Three Times Crowned Villa are all names given to this great country. Historically, there have been many attempts to praise the delights of the stately capital of Peru. That is why he who visits Lima will soon be seduced by the charms of its colonial and republican architecture which is privileged by its streets and churches. When you visit Lima you can get to understand why its historic center has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. To sum up, this is a city which, of course, is also a faithful guardian of its pre-Hispanic past.

Visiting Peru is to discover a country of rich contrasts where modernity is also a protagonist, a city of strong ancestral roots, but also with a promising future; those who visit will also recognize the virtues of an emerging country and especially recognize the warmth, openness and proverbial hospitality of the Peruvians.

Finally, whenever you decide to come to this great destination and choose among the best tours in Peru; you have to remember that visiting the crowning jewel, Machu Picchu is really a must and an experience you will never forget. You will have the opportunity to breath the fresh air in the mountains and feel the energy of this magical place. At TOUR IN PERUwe are going to offer you the best guided tours and events with specially trained guides who will make history come alive and give entertaining information about the best tours in Peru. Do not forget that we offer good services at a great price!

The magic history and culture await for your next  Peru travel, contact us to book your tours in Peru!

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