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Our company has earned one more recognition for its top-quality practices. This time, TOUR IN PERU won CSR and Sustainability prize for years 2017-2018, conferred by the AATC (Cusco’s Association of Travel Agencies). The award was given in a very cheerful event.

An Awards Ceremony to Remember

It was conducted at the AATC auditorium in Cusco City, with packed seats and an atmosphere of rewarding achievement.

Our travel agency was represented by General Manager Ben Salizar and Administrator Margaret Crespo. Both of them received the Achievement Diploma for excellence in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability during the years 2017 and 2018. This award is given by the AATC and also the OGD (Cusco’s Tourism Destination Management), two of the main supervisors in our region, to the best travel companies regarding the mentioned operational aspects. TOUR IN PERU has, among other actions, posted a quite encompassing Guidelines of Good Practices for Tourists

The ceremony was hosted by Porfirio Urquizo, a senior tourism consultant, who introduced the prize and called winners one by one to receive the diploma. Afterwards, there was a brief speech by the AATC’s president, Sylvia Uscamayta Otárola, in which she highlighted the importance of CSR and Sustainability both for our travel industry and for the planet at large.

Some successful travel agencies managers also shared their experiences and a few important strategies with the audience, in order to make CSR and Sustainability even more efficient in Cusco and nationwide. 

For a close, everybody joined for a toast and a lively conversation about the present and the future of tourism in Cusco.

TOUR IN PERU Won CSR and Sustainability Prize – Their Importance

  • CSR is a concept which mainly refers to the extra benefits -other than taxes- a company can bring to local economies and in the case of tourism, to the destinations’ economies, such as increased demand, opening of small companies to provide services to visitors, hiring, partnerships and similars. Also includes giving the industry’s personnel proper working conditions and constant training (we conduct every year several workshops for guides and office staff, also for porters and cooks), and last but not least of course, providing travelers with top-quality services from start to end.
  • Sustainability in tourism is a paradigm that means all travel operations must strive for a really long-term success. It is also applied to permanent protection of the planet’s environment. This is being done by actions like preservation of water resources from pollutants, use of water-friendly substances that don’t poison lakes, rivers or oceans, reduced electricity use, minimum use of conventional fuels, minimum CO2 emissions, ban of disposable plastics, recycling, reforestation, cleaning of natural protected areas and more. It’s a complex system, however, indispensable for successfully fighting dangerous issues like global warming and plastic pollution.

TOUR IN PERU won CSR and Sustainability prize for its 2017 and 2018 performances! Another evidence of our top-quality standards, which adds to other recognitions like the CALTUR certification and TripAdvisor’s 2018 Certificate of Excellence.

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