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TOUR IN PERU is a travel agency totally committed with constant improvement and growth, always focused on top quality. This is why we are very close to be granted the TourCert Certification, a German label for excellence in touristic sustainability.

The TourCert Approach to Sustainable Tourism

Certainly, nowadays there are some serious problems around the world, and some of them affect our business too. Specifically, travel agencies must deal with environmental protection, social issues and also workers’ well-being. In this context, TourCert was launched in 2009 by a group of German experts, to provide training and support for tourism-related companies worldwide, becoming a quite prestigious label for all sustainability practices.

The core concept of TourCert Certification is indeed sustainability, meaning that all touristic operations must be conducted in a way which preserves the environment, has a good effect on the destinations’ economy and also gives the tourism workforce suitable working conditions, all of them intended to be really lasting measures.

TOUR IN PERU’S Process for the TourCert Certification

Therefore, we were suggested to make some improvements in several key areas which were already working fine (we’ve won a number of awards before, like the Peruvian Company of the Year-Tourism Services and the TripAdvisor 2018 Certificate of Excellence). However, TourCert asks for even higher levels of quality and sustainability.

As a result, we have improved our own operational standards in all areas required by the TourCert Certification:

  • Share with our clients the need for taking part in this effort to make sustainability real.
  • Provide our customers with completely ethical services, encompassing all parts of their trip.
  • We improved our staff working conditions with training, better, longer contracts with benefits like raises and insurance, according to the position. For example, training has been given to our porters and cooks, and also to our professional guides and office personnel.
  • We have greatly improved office personnel’s comfort with a better headquarter in Cusco City.
  • TOUR IN PERU has upgraded its influence in our destinations’ economies, increasingly promoting the benefits people can obtain from starting a business related to tourism, tipping our clients about all the products and services they can enjoy at low prices while visiting, and also hiring many workers from local towns.
  • Of course, environmental care is a must nowadays. We have either upgraded or put into effect many measures to such end: ban of disposable plastics, use of eco-friendly items only (oil, detergents, etc), better garbage and recycling practices, reduced CO2 emissions, strict electricity and water use, proper management of dangerous waste like computers, cell phones, batteries, among others.  

After more than 8 months of close, continuous work with a TourCert local consultant, we have met almost all the required criteria to obtain the approval label. Final evaluation will be carried out by an international consultant, and all of us are very confident in obtaining the certification. We’ll keep our dear clients informed about all developments, since getting the TourCert Certification also means TOUR IN PERU is positively able to provide them all even better traveling services.

TOUR IN PERU is just one step away from being given the quite reputed TourCert Certification! Our company is fully committed to complete customer satisfaction, environmental protection, social outreach and good working conditions for all employees.   

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