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The team at TOUR IN PERU EIRL specializes in adventure tours and especially in the classic Inca Trail. 

We offer this tour for all: solo travellers, families, and groups.  There are only a certain amount of entrance tickets available every day, so please contact us to ask about the number of spaces available.  It is best to make reservations before arriving since there may be no spaces left.  We will organize an unforgettable trip for you. 

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Contact us 24/7 Cell: +51-971 569 997
+51 984 500 601
Peru Phone: +51-84-256883
USA Phone: +1 757 744 4430
Office in Cusco: Av. Tullumayu Nro 856-C
Office in Machu Picchu: Av. Pachacuteq Nro 132
TOUR IN PERU EIRL - RUC: 20490077953

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