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Experiential Tour in Raqchi

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Experiential Tourism



One Day



3,550 mts


Raqchi, Cusco

Difficulty Level




One Day


Experiential Tourism



3,550 mts


Raqchi, Cusco


This is an exciting, integral tour, which starts in Cusco City and goes across the majestic Andean mountains, on the famous highway called “the gastronomic route”, until the beautiful Raqchi village. Once there, you’ll have lots of interaction with local people, admire its millenary ceramics. There is also music, religious rituals, food and even some Inca Trail hiking. You can take part, if you want, in typical dances. Finally, we do the fantastic visit to the Raqchi archaeological site, a very important Inca settlement back in the days of the empire.

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Experiential Tour in Raqchi – Full Day Tour

  • 7:00 – We’ll pick you up at the hotel
  • 7:00-10:00 – Ride on the highway south, along the famous gastronomic route, with the amazing Andean range on both sides.
  • 10:00 – Arrival at the Raqchi village, to admire first its millenary pottery and the typical fair at the square.
  • 12:00 – Hike along a section of the Inca Trail, until a wonderful countryside spot, for a typical Andean feast.
  • 15:00 – Celebration of the Offering to the Pachamama, an ancient Andean religious rite.
  • 15:30 – Hike to the top of a hill, to enjoy priceless views of the valley from the gazer.
  • 16:30 – Hike down, and getting to the Raqchi archaeological site, for a professionally-guided tour.
  • 18:30 – Go back to the Raqchi square, for boarding our transportation back to your hotel in Cusco City.

Attractions Included in this tour:

  • The gastronomic route between Cusco City and Raqchi, across the spectacular Andean mountains
  • Millenary Andean pottery in Raqchi and the handicraft fair at the village’s square
  • Typical music, dances, performed by local people in Andean costumes
  • Hiking in nature, on a section of the Inca Trail
  • Typical Andean feast, in a millenary, traditional style
  • Guided visit to a tambo (old Inca place for resting of their running messengers, the chaskis)
  • Ancient Andean religious ceremony called Offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth)
  • Hike to the top of a hill on an old Inca path, to find the gazer, for some rest and wonderful views
  • Guided visit of the spectacular Raqchi archaeological complex, all its areas: religious, agricultural, residential

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  • Our private transportation will pick you up at the hotel and head south of Cusco City
  • Along this famous road, called the “gastronomic route”, there are several small towns where you can enjoy our delicious regional dishes and beverages, for example: Saylla, Tipón, Oropesa, Urcos and more
  • We will make a stop at Checacupe, to visit the village’s church, which has an amazing altar, belonging to the colonial Baroque
  • After this amazing ride on the highway and across beautiful and energetic nature, we get to the Raqchi village
  • First, we will visit mr. Agatón’s workshop, he’s one of Peru’s top ceramists. See how he makes pottery, using ancient Inca techniques.
  • Then we’ll go on a brief walk to meet a typical band of Andean music welcoming us. Next, hike a section of the Inca Trail, until a beautiful spot in the middle of the countryside, where we’ll be treated with a delicious picnic lunch, with lawa (traditional Andean soup of corn cream) and a main course, accompanied by the millenary chicha de jora (corn brew, with a delicious, refreshing taste).
  • This spot is next to an Inca construction called tambo, which was a resting station for the ancient Inca running messengers, called chaskis. There they spent some time, ate, rest and so on. Our professional guide will take us for a visit of this stone ruins.
  • Then we leave the tambo and walk back on the Inca Trail, until the foot of a hill, to hike upwards on an old pre-Hispanic path until the top, to the wonderful gazer, with an all-around view of the valley, the Raqchi village, the archaeological zone. This gazer has billboards with extra information and also benches for taking a little break, chat, enjoy the views, etc.
  • Hiking back down along the hill, we then head to the archaeological site itself. There we’ll find several areas: the agricultural one with the many qolqas or barns for storing food (harvest surplus), the residential part, with many stone houses and finally the mighty temple for Wiracocha, the creator god of the Incas.
  • Finally, we walk back to Raqchi’s village square, where our transportation will be ready and waiting.
  • The return ride to Cusco City is quite relaxing, across the big, energetic Andean range under the sunset.

What’s included?


  • Private transportation to and from the Raqchi village.

  • Professional, bilingual guide.

  • Visit to mr. Agatón’s ceramics workshop and the pottery/handicraft fair at the town’s square.

  • Andean music with a band, dances.

  • Typical Andean feast in the countryside.

  • Guided visit of a tambo (Inca site for resting of their running messengers).

  • Offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) ceremony.

  • Hike up a hill to the site’s gazer.

  • Professionally-guided tour of the entire Raqchi archaeological complex.

NoT IncluDeD

  • Food and beverages you may want to try along the gastronomic route.

  • Extra personal expenses, tips.

What to bring?


Rain poncho, waterproof jacket, T-shirts, Woolen cap, sun hat, ear muffs, Trousers, shorts, swimsuit, Underwear, socks, Gloves, scarf, Sneakers, trekking shoes, sandals.

Health and Care

Sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repelent, sun hat, Small towel, Bottled water, Personal medication.

Useful Items

Passport, Cash in soles, Camera, charging cord, Extra batteries.

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Travel confidently with TOUR IN PERU

Travel confidently with TOUR IN PERU

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