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Peru Tour Packages for Solo Travellers and Groups

TOUR IN PERU offers tours for all types of travellers, including singles, couples, groups, students, businesspeople, and more!  Read on to find out more.

    • Tours for families or friends. Peru is one of the most visited destinations by families and groups of friends.  Here you will find a variety of sites to see, enjoy, and be together with your family or friends.  Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca and Lima are some of the places where we offer tours for groups of friends or families.
    • Packages for Singles or Solo Travellers. Traveling to Machu Picchu with other single travellers from all over the world is a great experience, allowing you to meet new people and to save money by sharing services with them. So you don’t need to come with a group to enjoy any of our tours. We offer tours for single travellers 365 days a year!
Special tours for solo travellers, couples and groups!

Special tours for solo travellers, couples and groups!

  • Travel Packages for your honeymoon.  We will work to make the most important trip of your life a possibility! We offer the best tours to make your special trip exiting and fun, and with minimal inconveniences.
  • Packages for college or university students. Our tours for students are specially made so that the travellers can get to know these places first hand and learn about them.  You will learn all about the Inca Culture visiting Cusco, Machu Picchu, or other destinations that we offer.

Our team of travel experts offers unique trips according to the needs of each one of our clients.  We work to make your trip enjoyable and satisfactory.  We invite you to look at our Travellers Testimonies told by travellers who decided to contact us to organize their trip to Peru.